The Govt Candy Man Can: Centralized Crypto & UBI Tag Team vs. Multi Distributed Cryptos
Govt Candy Man Plan Z vs Crypto Plan A

The Govt Candy Man Can: Centralized Crypto & UBI Tag Team vs. Multi Distributed Cryptos

OK the multi-govt plan for ultimate "total herd control" is revealing itself.

That's right, we see this in Canada, right now.



Govt Handouts only go so far in an Money Printed, Hyper-inflated Economy

STEP 1: Completed. The CAD Govt, shamelessly using the COVID-19 Herd panic (no worse than Swine, Bird flu pandemics in the recent past, in fact  far less worse), have forced Canadians into personal isolation at home, which has triggered a Tsunami of staff layoffs AND, has seen 500,000 Canadians in the 1st week after the Crash of 2020, first time apply for Employment Insurance  Benefits, and, it's just getting started. Success, SME market segment representing 80% of the jobs and 50% of the GNP now sent into a "free fall". 

Empty your pcoekts please, cuz Govts always need more Money!

STEP 2: Completed. The CAD Govt White Knight "We will save you" action- Parliament rush passes a "unanimous" CAD $82B Stimulation package to handout to Canadians via a Web site application method (Senate passed it too, Now waiting the CAD Governor General's approval  which is the "Royal Ascent" sign off) . In 10 days the current CAD Govt regime will then trumpet victory and via an online website, record your existence (we have a SIN Social Insurance Number) and once re-registered, this same group of CAD Govt types will  hand roughly CAD $2K per month to "those in need"  (per CAD govt beauty contest rules)  while also vaguely promising to make available loan guarantees to rapidly failing small businesses everywhere. This is a Universal Basic Income "UBI" Trial balloon for sure, which has the commies squealing with glee, I am sure (and the tax payers groaning)

Trickle Down Bailouts help the economy? lol!

STEP3: (Soon to happen I am sure) Introduce Centralized Crypto CAD issued by the Govt System (After the world bank Cartel figures out what it should look like, see my Mark Carney post for an early sneak peak)  driven by a centralized private permissioned blockchain (yes like #Hyperledger)  which can also automatically collect your taxes via Smart Contracts and Oracles for Revenue Canada and link automatically into the Private Bank systems issuing the Crypto CAD $, so they can determine your creditworthiness automatically at the bank, and give you a loan or maybe a Fat government Grant (paid for by the tax payer) , if you qualify. If you don't qualify, well you will be erased. (Better start stacking silver, grow a garden and start to get good at bartering what you grow, make or offer as services and don't use a car with OnStar)

STEP4: (coming your way to the new CAD Animal Farm near your herd) Social Behaviour Score a la China, the current CAD Regime's favourite roll model, will soon show up thereafter (With Maybe Minority Report Style Policing using Pre-Cogs?) integrated into the RCMP databases so the elected regime can exercise complete control. Oh how 1984 of them...

STEP5:  As Canadians , they will be able to Kiss all their rights and freedoms goodbye forever as the CAD govt regime of the day  removes democracy and the rules of parliament (Magna Carta bye-bye) out of the government "playbook" all together and likely declares Canada the Post Nation State. (as we are all pushed into the CAD govt "milking carousel, you can already hear the "mooing" rise in volume.)





A Good Place to Start

STEP 1: Transformation of Fiat "Eroding" Stores of Value (in the face of the money printing machine onslaught)


Multiple Distributed Crypto Currencies as we know them today and ALSO into 'good ole' hard stores of value: Gold, Silver, Metals, Land, Commodities...


TK ALARM: Protect your value earned or speculated NOW and do it fast, we are in a REBOUND ECONOMY SIGNAL IN THE MARKETS WHICH IS ONLY POWERED BY MONEY PRINTING AND THIS WILL SUBSIDE QUICKLY , a rebound which will not last in this fiat driven economy more than a few weeks, maybe a month until the real economic indicators for the First Quarter are reported no later than end of April, likely earlier by mid April.


STEP 2: Start using these Same "Value Add" Cryptos to BUY Products and Services in retail, distribution and manufacturing every chance you get

TK Note -  #Brave #BAT's excellent announcements to support the #Tap Network (Retail and Services) and integrate the #Binance Widget inside their network are Both excellent examples of what the crypto innovators can do to make STEP 2 happen

Brave & BAT Value: Bringin' it...


STEP 3: Source your purchases locally and Regionally when you can, Buy international when you must

Re-booting the local economy via crypto, barter, use of silver and other commodities is likely what we will all be faced with as individuals and Small & Medium Enterprises sooner, rather than later. 


STEP 4: Move the eVote AND Public Budget  Management for ALL governments in your country to Transparent Blockchain technology (#AGORA is a good example of where this is going)

TK- Observation- This step is harder to implement with different challenges in each country out there. It does need leaders, new leaders to take on the old guard at the polls. (In the streets these days is a losing proposition). Cutting off their fuel supply (use of their fiat or centralized crypto) by not using, nor demanding fiat currency to run your life is the quickest and least painful way to effect this change imo. 


Step 5: Say good bye to the old fiat Economy forever and,  embrace the new  Crtypo Economy  based on Hard Money, every chance you get.

Celebrate every day you are not engaged with "old guard" government regime fiat and their  central control systems. If it means trading silver for services or products or bartering a trade for and with products and services to get by, then imo survival comes first. 

A Clear Choice Plan A or Plan Z


The Choice is simple, Pick Plan Z(More 'crystal' Blue Pill 'persuasion') to become 'citizen moo'  or Plan A(Red pill for the first time) to become 'citizen you'.

What's it going to be?

Personally I am a Plan A person... "Citizen Me". 

My Advice, if we share the same view is, whatever your age, get active now, bang on your government reps door at home if you have to. Let these govt types know your preference online, all the time on every social media outlet you operate, Twitter, Instagram, reddit, etc.., get in their faces all the time, until their post wall is completely littered with "enlightened" common sense. 

Please don't be fooled. This latest  bit of "Shenanigans"  in Canada and, else where around the world, is all about the Govt of the Day "Serving them self" (and their banking masters) rather than "Serving the People" who elected them in the first place.

Don't fall for it, be a positive agent for change, you have personal choices in front of you, be wise and please, 

Be Safe.

TK over and out.




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