The Case for Replacing Non-Sovereign Government Pension Fund Investments with BTC & Quality Alt-cryptos

The Case for Replacing Non-Sovereign Government Pension Fund Investments with BTC & Quality Alt-cryptos

There has been a lot of News this past week on why US Government Federal and State Pension Funds, which are obligated by law to invest in publicly held companies, are making Non-Sovereign Investments in companies listed on US Stock Exchanges, and are allowed to invest in such listed companies which are domiciled in countries not friendly the the US., China being the big one.

Even worse, Chinese Companies listed on US public exchanges are not properly audited per US law, nor are the prospectus' of New IPOs properly transparent per US Law, they do their own audits in China and get a pass.

Think of how crazy this is, when  it's a fact that today, the US Military Pension fund is actually investing in Chinese companies building weapons for the Chinese Army. I kid you not.


Check out the 16:30 to 17:45  min. mark of this video below  on American Thought Leaders, interviewing Robert Spalding, former Retired USAF General, B52 and B2 Bomber Pilot and former attache' to China now working for the Hudson Institute, it took him awhile to wake up, now he gets it after learning more about the US Economy, the Threat  described above to US Sovereignty is very, very VERY real.

What to do about it?

Stop investing US and State Government retirement funds in the companies and countries stealing your jobs, you buying power, your Sovereignty and Security.

It's a simple proposition for the US government to implement. The likelihood of that happening under Trump is imo 99%, save some incident. (or delay into the 2nd Term)

Government Pension funds at all levels should be regulated in this regard, in ANY country to invest locally for Sovereignty and Security reasons, the protection of jobs, and to also stop the erosion of consumer buying power.

The higher risk segment of the investment in stocks of startup and high growth companies purporting to exist in China  used as the excuse by such fund managers to invest is no longer an option. Trump will see to that, as should any leader of any country tasked with protecting a country's sovereignty and security.

That said, where should these Federal, State and Municipal  Pension Fund Managers invest to make up the shortfall to secure the high risk return rate portion of their portfolio in order to ensure pension payout rates are protected?

Enter Bitcoin and other crypto currencies: The Best Long Term Replacement Investment for Shoddy Fiat investments (NOW)

TK Note - For that matter Gold and Silver and other metals also make sense, provided the SEC can (quickly) clean up those markets with some US government re-institution of laws that were on the books to stop the papering fraud in the 1980s, and later removed (by Clinton in the 1990s) to allow JP Morgan and earlier Bear Sterns to commit so much paper fraud in the metals market (more paper than metal), lately using "Naked Shorts"  extensively to manipulate prices downward,  and effectively corner the market for metals and their behaviour at discount prices.)

Time to be proactive

Government Pension Fund Managers should get proactive, and not wait. These changes are coming, the Markets are turning down and we are heading into a likely bigger recession than the last Great Recession, as Stocks, Bonds, and Real Estate will all be affected at once. (Ouch)

I don't know about any of you readers out there, but I am worried about pension plan performance relative to buying power erosion.

All three of the traditional markets, Stocks, Bonds and Real Estate are vastly over-inflated in value, mainly because cheap debt money is used to prop up stock prices with buy backs, over inflate bond prices in the face of low interest rates, and over inflate property values, which net out as large lines of credit on which many of us are using to augment income and pay the bills.

The Keynesian Debt Powered Economy is a Total Disaster happening in real time. 

How to fix it? Run your own BTC Node and earn money processing Transactions in "hard value" (No QE "Quantitative Easing" allowed)  means each transaction costs 1% per transaction per user and pays the node operator same. 

 BTC and other  alt-cryptos like Zcash and Dash to name a few have widely distributed, (geographically) operating nodes and are largely independent transaction processing and settlement networks for payments today. 

More importantly these networks cannot be compromised or coerced into nefarious settlement or censorship behaviour by a single government or group. It's just not possible these days.

Govt Pension Funds investment in BTC and Quality alt-crypto: It's long over due.

It's  happening today in dribs and drabs, in more places than you can imagine, without the geo-political issues. 

ZeroHedge  back last  July 1st, 2018  painted a clear picture why any pension fund should be investing in BTC, as a long term investment vehicle, read about it here

That said, Pension fund investment in BTC and other quality Alt-cryptos is not happening fast enough prior to the oncoming onslaught of the emerging Great Recession 2.0 , happening right NOW, to protect your earnings and most importantly , your government pensions. So Get Going!

Time to Act. NOW: Investor and Government Pension Fund Managers Wake up!

The short take-away is this: BTC has NOW stabilised at it's bottom for the last 3 weeks above US$8K with lots of investor support in the form of volume activity, much more (2X more on average than the  volume generally experienced the end of 2017)  AND, given the other three markets (Stocks, Bond and Real Estate)  are past the "all time high" top of the roller coaster this past month, and NOW clearly heading for the big  "herky jerky" automated trading driven "rough and Turbulent" dive down the slope into an even BIGGER Recession than 2008+, ALL INVESTORS AND Government Pension Fund Managers need to liquidate these fiat assets into BTC and select quality alt-crypto together with metals to protect YOUR Pensions and your your assets, NOW

And most importantly ALL governments should change their government pension funds NOW to direct their investments into their own public companies for Security and Sovereignty reasons and protect your government pension payouts for the long run.

Investing in your enemy, or at minimum, investing in your biggest competitors is never a good idea.

Voting for the leader and party most  committed to your security and sovereignty of your country and  the protection of your government pension funds is likely a good idea.


TK Over and out










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