The Blockchain Case for "Separating Money from State"?

The Blockchain Case for "Separating Money from State"?

Say what? "Separate Money from State"? 

It has already happened. The clear separation of "money from state" can be traced back to the Crypto market peak of December 2017. On world of finance is the state controlled fiat system. The other is "the shadow finance system" of  distributed  public ledger "hands-off" Crypto powered largely by Bitcoin. 

As the modern state has progressed into the 21st century, free of direct religious influence, the State and their political opponents in opposition have grown to encroach and suffocate what used to be a somewhat free market capitalist system, suffocation of the free market effected largely through lobby groups working the halls of power and the Twitter-pated. The result is they have been able to turn the Free Market into a "Closed Market Arrangement of Corporatracies" buying their way via corporate political sponsorships of elected officials. Transparent this lobbying is not, even if they are "registered" and their purpose is stated (99% of the time "obliquely"). In most social democracies today, government workers account from between 25% to 33% of the population, versus before this mess started in 1968, when the numbers were 10% to 15% in the late 1960s for North Americans. 

"Democracy for a Day" countries like the US, Canada, the UK and all of the EU states are really "Corporatacracy Driven States" where the banks, large corporations and state are so intertwined with people moving back and forth between these sectors, via their own private referral job market exchanges and networked contacts means, It's really hard to challenge the status quo integrated system of control using "FIAT and Guns" managed by the elites, unless of course you unhook such a monster from it's full source of fuel and power, which is FIAT money.

Separating Money from the State apparatus of  current control working for the lobbyist interests encouraging and effecting inflation via money priniting and over-regulation, has already happened.

Say what again?  Yes that's right, the "Separation of Money from State" has already happened and Bitcoin is leading the way. 


"To FIAT" or "Not to FIAT", that is the question? - It's a dead issue, move on..

FIAT money has dominated our lives for 50 years, de-valuing our buying power to be less than 35% of what it was before Gold went away as the exchange standard in 1971.

Fiat as we all know can be printed at will by the Central bank,  anywhere, on a moments notice with a few key strokes in the form of  treasury issuance or public works project RFQ "Request for Quotation" issuance.  In the latter case governments are simply effecting money creation by borrowing the money from the private banks chartered to create the wealth (with a few key strokes and no collateral behind it, although the banks play the marginal reserve game of 10% fiat being in the bank, then  governments are simply handing that money over to the large private corporations to profitably build the (over charged) project at the tax payers expense. In the former case banks create wealth to lend to other corporations, larger ones get a preferred discount interest rate close to prime ( a 2 to 3 percent lower than your mortgage rate), and through the Clinton loophole of "Stock Buy Backs" (they were illegal before his Rockefeller time in the Oval Office), use the same debt is used to buy back stock on the public market, to jack EPS "Earning Per Share" so the stock prices sit pretty, and the "Csuite" can option out, get their money when their options vest, at the highest price possible.

Net Result? The "Csuite" Executives of these large corporations first inline for cheap debt are filling their pockets personally, again at the expense of the tax payer. 

Very much in a "Pretty Woman" movie sort of way, This "Stock Buy Back" Method  is  exactly how you "gut a company of it's assets" and leave it to die (or be bought for pennies on the dollar), a la "Toys-R-us", or "Target" or "Sears". Not nice. Especially in the case of the latter "Sears"  nightmare for workers, when SEARS didn't pay out the pensions owed to the laid off employees (making a lot of people homeless in the process).

To answer the question, "NOT",  is the right answer if you are seeking hard money as a store of value and  want really low and even free transaction fees. 


Separating Money from State: It's already happened, and it is a Worldwide Phenomena, so get over it.

Separating the creation and management of Money from the State is already under way, and quite frankly any politician who does not understand this, is, well, completely asleep and should be voted out of office asap.

The great Separator of Money from State is not a person, it's philosophy of new money in the form of crypto-currency. It will set you free of the above mess.

It's called Bitcoin on the distributed public blockchain of nodes runs around the world, and the hoards of crypto-currencies doing the same (most if not all convertible to at least Ethereum which is also exchangeable for Bitcoin).

These Altcoins and Tokens (which you could say are the off-spring or spawn of Bitcoin)  are adding business value in good, weird, and wonderful ways to  dramatically enhance the buy/sell/exchange processes experiences of the user, as it applies to not just handling money but also enabling the safe and sound goods and services transactions all businesses and individuals (and even governments) should really want. Bitcoins backed up by crypto currency security algorithms which make them safe, able to act as a "trustless, no cost middleman" electronic book keeper of sorts who is 100% honest. Bitcoin is a "hard store of value. like gold  (not inflatable, so no money printing)

Bitcoin and its offspring are immune to government printing press driven inflation (Quantitative Easing by another name) or over issuance of gold certificates as is the problem with both gold and silver.

All 2000+ of those crypto_currencies big and small are managing transactions and conversions through centralized and distributed exchanges TODAY,

TODAY, these crypto currencies collectively have a  US $300 Billion collective market cap destined to be US $1 Trillion very shortly, IMO likely within 18 months.


What about the Corporate Squeeze Play, is it not complete? 

Almost, the Corporatacracy Statists have Small and Medium Business hanging on by a thread, or bumping their heads on a glass ceiling of regulations, but we are fighters

The "not so free" market is not quite dead yet, the Disparity Gap has grown dramatically between the haves and the have nots. The Corporate Squeeze Play has been going on for 50 years, passed down generationally through the elite "well monied" classes,  a period of disparity which frankly has covered all of my teen and adult life.

Don't be fooled by the claims of great stock market growth, its by and large engineered  and part of the Csuite "Stock Buy Back" programme to engineer EPS Earning Per Share which is what largely drives investor interest and stock price. The reality "under the hood" is more important, are those companies really hitting their revenue and cost reduction targets?

While Now the Corporations and Banks  think they have the result they wanted, flat wages for 30 years, and huge wealth disparity with 95% of the wealth sitting in the  top  0.1%  (tenth of a percent) of the population, they have in fact created Multiple Blockchain Nations, worldwide and set the stage for the first time in human history for true money reform and the preservation of democracy  which will morph back into it's original form of plural democracy with a distributed public blockchain twist. 

That said, Small and Medium Businesses, despite the gravity of their collective conditions financially, the smart ones are increasingly transacting using crypto currency "hard stores of values to avoid the hidden inflation of money printing de-valuing and eroding their store of value , purchasing power and working capital, and in the end avoiding the erosion of their disposable personal income. Many will make it, some will note, the laggards and uneducated will be in the latter camp.


The "Free Market"  Good Ole Days ? IMO Will "sort of" return in a VERY new form: Blockchain Nations

Transparent Distributed Public and Private Blockchain managed crypto-currency valued Transactions, eVoting and Govt Budget Apporval Management  

First, so we have a "baseline" for comparison, what did that  "sort of free" market really look like say in the 50s, 60 and 70s where most financial  historians pinpoint the demise with the removal of the gold standard (Because the USA could not meet  the call on Gold in 1970, so the US, with big military backing,  changed the  exchange and reserve game from Gold to the US dollar to be the  world reserve by turning off Bretton-Woods (Nixon guided by the invisible Rchild hand),  which meant the US controlled essentially the entire world money system of exchanges and reserves via SWIFT, -ie all international transactions between countries must first use the $ as the prime and only medium of exchange.

That "sort of free" market,  the "myth" where anyone with an idea and a garage could build a product and offer it for sale and if there was demand, create their own wealth to keep a roof over their family and worker's heads,most would say, is all but dead in the Western World.

The reality is that "sort of free" market  really only  ever existed marginally in the USA (and less so in the rest of the social democratic world). It was usually found  in outlying geographic areas away from the big cities centred around farming, which was still a small business back then. 

These days such local economies are few an far between, what is left are lots of ghost towns, where some have turned into swelling commuter towns to feed the big cities, having the by and large the same expensive cost structures, while they pay the worker class the same amount of money in the 1990s, which now buys 50% less. go figure.


The Final Demise of Small Business in the Western World? Not quiet yet...

The decline is finally reversing it's way out of the Corporatacracy MATRIX, thanks to Bitcoin, AltCoins & Tokens and the Blockchain 

It's a revival response best described as the adoption of crypto currencies and blockchain by Small and Medium Business, currently  and oppressively choked  to near collapse by state over-regulation protecting the interests of the Corporations with the biggest lobby $$$s. The SMB is acting quickly to facilitate buy/sell and trade exchanges between parties using the "hard value" of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin to  simply survive today. It is my prediction they will then learn how best to use blockchains in their new Blockchain Nations to recover long lost prosperity and  quickly thrive as pluralistic democracies.


The State of the Union?: It's about to change "State Types"

While today, small business is now even smaller as a percentage of most western  country  GDP "Gross Domestic Production" numbers , also expressed in US dollars, on average representing only 20% of the market, yet still supplying 60-70% of the reall job growth,  it's clear there are many signs this trend is finally starting to reverse itself, although rather slowly. The big question now should be how do we "rev backup" SMB without the state snuffing out a recovery.


Case Closed? 'Separation of Money from State" = Public Distributed "Blockchain Nations" 

Distributed Public and Private Blockchains, Bitcoin and the Altcoin/token world, with  sound stores of value are now in the forefront of money reform and make up most of the cryptocurrency world's collective valuation of $300B. Bitcoin alone is the world's 8th largest money supply. 

To speed adoption of sound, transparent money use which #Bitcoin "BTC" and other Altcoins afford (#IOTA also comes to mind as does #Ethereum "ETH")  up and truly close on the question of  "to fiat or not to fiat" we also need to employ the help of distributed public blockchain technology, preferably without fees, to enable:

      - eVoting which is 100% transparent and secure, and

      - government budget approval and management 

And lastly, 

     - money creation and money supply management should not be the responsbility of the government.


Transparent Price Discovery: Finally on the distributed public blockchain.

Price discovery for any transaction, private or public, needs to be via smart contracts on the public distributed blockchain, where the offer to sell is transparent, the offer to buy is also transparent, and the orders are filled automatically and recorded permanently on the public ledger so taxes can also be automatically calculated and even paid to the State at the moment the transaction occurs, and that the balances of the state are also clearly visibile, and can only be spent based on elected budget platform numbers also recorded publicly on the distributed public blockchain.


Smart Contracts: The final word on "Fulfilling Political Campaign Promises" through exact budget platform execution.

We need the state to do what their platform said they would do, that is why they are elected, and to stick to their fiscal budget plans, and we need an eVoting systems that serve  the pluralistic democracy model conveniently so we vote on everything and often, until the constitutional or government laws are met recording majority vote, then and only then are funds  which have been previously accumulating on the distributed public blockchain are allowed to be spent, because the budget platform itself is implemented as a Smart Contract.


The Future Political Winners? Blockchain Nations 

IMO the future Political Winners will be open transparent and put distributed public blockchain on their platform for eVoting, Taxation and Budget Approval and Management to win massive election victories.

Maybe Liberland is heading in the right direction? Have a look at the links below, an earlier IvanonTech show with liberland's founder from 2017 is also interesting.

Liberland is a 7 sq KM country created in the Balkans circa 2015.


TK over and out







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