Pension Plans Burning? Rescue via Sound Crypto Investments

Pension Plans Burning? Rescue via Sound Crypto Investments

Your Pension Plan is on Fire, Burning Up your Future Buying Power at Record Rates..



Dutch Pension Benefit Cut Protesters November 20th, 2019

Hmm, The People of the Netherlands "NL" discovered just that recently, when they were told by their government they will all take a "Haircut" on their public pension plan benefit payouts, one of the richest in the world. (see link below for more info)

Not only that, the  NL workforce also gets to pay even more into pension plan contribution to cover the current Pension Plan payout shortfall AND, its likely these current workers  will see their retirement age rise maybe to 70 or even 75 as people are living longer, before they get to receive a small pension benefit with much less buying power.


The big question is will the Dutch People really do anything about it?


A Future with less Buying Power is a Future with Less Prosperity, For young and old alike.

In some western and 1st world economies, health researchers are saying people born in 2007 are likely to live to an average age of 103 years. In  today's terms, with retirement set at 65 years, it means the follow on generations get to pay for that retired person's 38 years of retirement during the 47 years they work full-time, assuming they start full-time work at age 18. Given most "students" today in the western and developed worlds take 5 years or more to complete their degree, they are likely on average to work on average 42 years (About 50% of the workforce today, in most countries a percentage that is rapidly declining everywhere because of the high cost of education and the debt that goes with it.). So for those turning 18 and entering the workforce full-time in 2020 after secondary school, the sordid future  being put forth by your government is  for almost 1/2 of your adult life you will be living in retirement starting in 2062 with ever declining "real"  buying power? 

Hmm, first I think that fantasy of 50% of your adult life in retirement will never happen, Governments and Central Banks will raise the retirement age, its just good business.

Second, the "per capita" amount paid into these public pension plans will never afford anyone a reasonable benefit which keep up with the "real" cost of living projected in the future. The whole  worldwide system of government pensions is clearly and BADLY broken, and really the current people in government and the people behind the central banks do not care, as they all "live for today, to hell with tomorrow".

So in short, the current day worker, regardless of the age has the following future:

Work more years, pay more money, have less disposable income, endure a decline in quality of life and get less benefits when you retire. WTF?!

How could the NL government and  ALL governments around the world portend to preside over such a mess?

Well as "flunkies" to the private Central Banks to whom they report, its not surprising, especially when their rich pensions are all but guaranteed by the tax payer.

Pitch forks and torches anyone?  

Oh yes, the "benefits" of big government managing your retirement money are coming home roost. (And you trust proponents of Universal Basic Income? lol! )

AND, it's not just the Dutch government, its EVERY government playing this Pension Ponzi Scheme game, kicking the can down the road for future generations to pay.

The Boomers, all of them, are facing a pay out "Haircut" (Age 65+). They do get their pension pay out now (as prices rise and payouts don't)   while the Jones (Age 55-64), Gen X(Age 45-55), Gen I(35-45), Gen Y(25-35) and now Gen Z(5-25) get to pay, and pay and pay, and probably will see the retirement age hikes up from 65 to 67 or even 70. This has already happened in some western economies, with very little resistance (can you hear the sound of sheep baa-ing?  >;/   )

It's a financial internment camp I call the "Pension Plan Prison".



Oh Canada, so screwed beyond belief... (Sung to the Canadian National Anthem..)

Worse yet, these public pension funds trumpet every quarter their returns at 1 or 2% per quarter (see Canada link below). What a joke, this "claimed" rate of return at 4% to 8% annually falls way behind the real inflation in the economy and the number of people entering retirement and the fact they are living longer.

Plus people in Canada do not have any savings when they retire, because 40% of them are not even in the work force,  where the vast majority of them are living pay cheque to pay cheque with enormous mountains of debt they can never pay back. 

That's right, Labour Participation Rates in Canada are now just 60%, like they were during the first Oil Crisis (OPEC 1971) I lived through those years as a teenager and uni. student (1971 to 1983) and they were awful, Unemployment for ages 16-25 years was on average 25%. it was brutal AND, those days are back, with even fewer good paying job prospects for that age class, given all the offshore and near shore manufacturing shipped abroad.

So who is going to pay into those poorly run Canadian pension plans to keep the benefit payouts propped up?

A Wall of New unskilled immigrants? I think not..

The Current Canadian Mess can be read about here as this article from 2017 still rings true today, in fact the situation is worse ..

By the time the generations paying for these benefits are old enough to receive them, they can expect a 50% to even 65% loss in buying power than they have today. Ugh.

Canada, once held up as the land everyone wanted to migrate to (aside from the USA) because the benefit were so great,is  really  not  what the country  is promoted by the current government. In fact its one of the worse Public and Private Pension Prison complexes in the Western World. If you like Canad's slave-o-nomics, feel free to join in, as Canada always needs more sheep.

TK-Note -Not to mention Canada Pension plan investing in South American Prisons, which they quietly exited from this year. These public  fund managers have no moral compass or direction from the federal government

For those people thinking we can fix this big pension problem with a "Debt Jubliee" for the people in the current fiat system, think again. We have a daily debt jubilee going on called quantitative easing for the private banks and their biggest corporate customers. The "can gets kicked down the road" daily 24 by 7 by 365 and will never be extended to the consumer "slave", as long as these people are in control of the world's system of fiat money.  


The Pension Plan Prison "Root Cause": It's complicated, perverse, and pervasive, deeply involving Governments, Central Banks and Private Banks

351665157-fda755cec769886f6678239ce09b8e1c6665755bde76eb25953a61e2443be90e.png Monopoly Money anyone?

Central Bank Money Printing and near Zero Interest Private Bank Loans in tandem with High Cost of Government are the twin pillars and  foundation for the Pension Plan Prison.

Couple that fact with recent relaxing of Pension Plan Investment rules both public and private which sees a greater percent of the fund invested in higher risk public stock and lower grade bonds, with governments requiring public pension plans to buy bonds at negative interest rates, and anyone can see a downturn in the market coupled with near zero  or negative interest returns on low risk deposits put all pension plan managers in a very difficult position.   

Public Pension Plan Managers are basically screwed and have  few  really "safe places" left to invest, save gold and silver. Today both markets are subject to heavy price manipulation due in part to large holders playing the  "naked short" game, pretending to buy or sell, then removing the orders at the last second to keep prices where they like them , cheap, so they can continue hoarding wealth.

Witness JP Morgan, the largest bank in world being charged on multiple counts of racketeering just recently, playing the naked short game in the metals markets. (If you think they are the only bank playing this game, think again, they are simply an easy target for the governing body to extract penalty fees for their own organizations.)


The Root of All Pension Plan Evil: Central Banks

Dig a bit deeper at the "root cause" of such a nasty situation and right away the other co-conspirators and clear architects of this modern Ponzi scheme come clearly into focus as , you guessed it, the world network of privately owned Central Banks.

Whether the government in power is extreme left or right or center, it matters not. 

The Erosion of your "earned or received" value, currently dished out as fiat by employers and governments alike, means you have less money to spend , as wages stagnate and in most cases decline in real buying power terms as prices go up everywhere.

Make no mistake. today's ever increasing higher prices are fueled by Central Bank issued money , created out of thin air,  as near zero interest debt acquired by private banks , much of which is used to retire older, higher interest bank debt and, also issued to  their top business clients to  allow the CXO Suite to buy back  company stock in order to keep the company  EPS 'Earnings Per Share' high and stock price high while ensuring the CxO suite option package is 'rich' when they leave the company.

The rest of the money printed, maybe 15% of it, on a good day, is = loaned out to "Main Street"  at much higher interest rates to businesses and the consumer, largely for real estate mortgages, equipment leases and vehicle loans/leases with over inflated price tags. (The hidden  inflation created at some loan officers terminal )

Then add  this decline in Pension benefit payouts to the nasty behaviour of some Public Pension Plans at the state and city level. Take a look  specifically at  what the "commies" running San Jose Pension Plan are doing, they have managed to coerce fees to rise at incredible rates in order to pay for a bloated San Jose Pension Fund Administration, heavy in staff and light on productivity. Sick stuff, you have to read it a few times to believe it, right in the heart of the "Enlightened" Silicon Valley USA. 


The Private Pension Plan "Wiggle Room" - Not. Here is the other part of the Pension Plan Scam.


Riskier Mix of Investments in Private Pension Funds, and getting Riskier by the day...

Fees, Glorious Fees.

Bankers & private pension plan managers love private pension plan administration fees.

Why? Because fees are the perfect way for Private Banks and Financial or Insurance Companies to, yet again, rob their clients monthly, for doing nothing (automated trading systems do the work now a days, 'front ended' by "self service" web access.)

For private banks, inserting the "Circus Poodle Hurdles & Hoops" in the form of rules with fees are one of the best ways to control the outflow of their fractional reserves, with the pension plan withdrawal rules, so private banks can effectively create even more debt, leveraging such fractional reserve lending rules as the balance grows in the pension plan (self administered is even more beautiful, you do the work and they charge you for it) to create more interest bearing debt (Mortgages and vehicle loans) . Fractional Reserves grow from the pension money you have signed into their control via your a 401K retirement plan or similar, or via a  similar private pension plan, every month.

The more they roll your pension contributions, the more trading transactions there are and the more money they make, at your expense, with you being the enabler.

That makes you the Pension plan holder and contributor complicit in the Pension Plan disaster which is now everywhere.

Time to pull the rip cord, and bail out of these two central bank and government engineered private and public pension scams? I think so.


"Escape from New York"- Public and Private Bank held Pensions are Debtor's Prison- Wake up!


NYC is the center of finance feeding the worlds pension plans, where most of the administration of such plans is  also performed  "up the road" in Hartford Conn.

"Escape from NYC" in my mind, means escape from fiat valued pension plans private and public and into "hard stores of value"  crypto and otherwise. Below is what imo, are the steps one should take to get their retirement future back on sound footing to protect one's buying power after retirement. I hope they help..,:


How to escape the 'Pension Plan Prison" in which you are currently trapped takes "gumption". ;/


CHANGE THE PLAYING FIELD--> Invest and operate in Quality Cryptocurrencies, Hard Value Stores

7 Steps small businesses and individuals can take to plan their "Escape" from Pension Plan Prison:

351665157-24d8ad0917547c5d89fe9a1dc53f7c06f585458b361f56c3ec80f72a8ac6e9ae.jpegpic credit :

"Change the playing field" to protect your retirement buying power makes perfect sense, here are some tips on how to do just that:

The first step? Private Small and Medium businesses and consumers alike need to step off the existing "playing field" of fiat money.

Once one steps off that playing field,  one can start investing in themselves, keeping their money either earned or received in their own Vault, in this case a multiple cryptocurrency capable wallet  (hardware wallet is best), under their complete control.

With crypto, liquidity, or "convertibility" into forms of money able to support the transaction "at hand" (pay for a coffee, invest in a commodity "har store of value",  versus pay a monthly bill) has it's challenges. All crypto exchanges have different combinations of conversion option "pairs" from one form of currency to the next, be it crypto or fiat.

Second Step: Opt out of your Private Pension Plan. Say what!?  Yup. Opt out.

It's valued in fiat, fiat  buying power is eroding dramatically every day in every currency but the US $,  as each of the related central banks print more and more paper fiat money to sustain the short term "overnight repo" flow of capital, as more and more private banks vie each other's stack of financial derivatives as less valuable, as more and more businesses & consumers default in on their debt obligations supporting the incoming revenue of those "packaged derivative" financial instruments.

The US $ is next and last to collapse, currently enjoying the status of fiat "safe harbour", when that tumbles, the fall of the US$ will see up to 50% of he fiat wealth currently on the books evaporate. It has happened before on a smaller scale in 1998-99,  happened in 2008 on a bigger scale and will most likely happen on an even larger scale  shortly after the  2020 election in the US, around first quarter of 2021.

Third Step: Invest in your own Independence, start managing your own money in your own bank, your crypto wallet, Invest in Quality Crytpo.

Take every benefit, payslip and convert everything you can into a stable coin crypto currency first. This gives you convertibility  back and forth from crypto to fiat, but also crypto to crypto where the higher returns are. The Current crypto market has stabilized. #BTC #Bitcoin with 66% dominance and bottom price has been above US $8K for over seven months since May of  2019, with volume at levels last seen for just a month back in December of 2017. Early large investors are "All-in" and this has the effect of stabilizing all the other quality Alt-coins (Those delivering differentiated value above and beyond BTC, like Braves' #BAT, #Ethereum's Smart Contract Platform, #Dash's fast micro-payment settlement, #IOTA's ever increasing functionality for the #IoT Machine 2 Machine Economy, #Monero and #Cardano's anonymous payment network, etc...)

Fourth Step  Invest in #Metals & #Commodities Backed Cryptos-

A Pair of New Low to Medium Risk Asset classes with Smart Contract Regulation and Method of Payment

Smart Contracts operating on the various  proven distributed public ledgers (pseudo-anonymous and anonymous) "blockchains" having really secure and widely distributed cryptocurrency payment network nodes, are now being  implemented to represent 3rd party quantified and secured  real assets,which can be used as currency, a form of exchange and/or "collateral" to facilitate settlement of a buy/sell and trade transactions between multiple parties doing business together. #Vaultoro is a new and exciting way to manage your investment in #Gold via crypto and is worth a look. #Lode is an independent community driven way to participate in the Silver Market. 

Stay away from centrally controlled private blockchain based cryptocurrencies based on #Ethereum or #Hyperledger  "Hard forks". People and governments control them and they can change the rules at any time including the supply of cryptocurrency. Names to look out for and avoid are #Ripple, Venezuela's #Petro, any government formed crypto, with FB Libra being the most likely to morph into what ever they want, where such cryptos have people controlling the money supply and your buying power (erosion of your earned or received value)

Fifth Step: Manage your Fiat Transactions Wisely, Via Stable Coins, so you can invest in crypto with minimal "conversion" fees 

If you must use fiat, then convert only when you have to, otherwise park your store of value in  the Neutral space of stable coins to gain "Investor Agility", that is  stable coins give you a speed of conversion with minimal fees into  various levels of investment risk built on hard stores of value or fiat when you need to move your money around.  Each crypto, or metal/commodities backed crypto_currency coin or token has their own risk profile, so do your own homework to best fit your own investment risk profile or curve. The more you read up on all of the above, the bigger investment you are making in your self. It's the investment in time and understanding we all need to make to  escape from Pension Plan Prison.

Not all stable coins are created equal. For example  #USDT is quite different from #DAI, etc. Do your homework. Liquidity or "conversion" pairs are different in each stable coin offer, and fees are also different, with different wallet support.

Remember, there is no  "one size fits all" wallet solution out there (and probably won't  be for the next few years), which means  your Pension Prison Plan escape will need to employ multiple wallets.

Sixth Step: Get Multiple physical Connections to the Internet, Wired , Wireless and/or Satellite

Consider alternative ways to connect to the Internet beyond just local cable or Telco connections wired into your business or home.

#5G is coming, and for those with a technical inclination Geo-stationary satellite Internet services are becoming more and more popular. It is always good to have multiple connect methods, so you can always get connected to the transaction networks of the cryptocurrencies  and the exchanges (both central and distributed) with which you trade, buy/sell

Seventh Step: Say good bye to your Public Pension Value & Create your Own "On Wallet" Treasury

A Public Pension will not pay the bills when you retire. The fact is you are locked in and basically screwed. The only action one can take is protest. I recommend "pitch forks and torches" and a government take over, IF your current govt tries to give you a "Haircut"  and/or increase the retirement age. So get vocal put on your yellow vest and join the protest mob IF that happens. ;) 

Private pensions are another story, you are more or less in control, however it will cost you to make changes or exit.

Anything you have in a private pension plan heavily invested in Public Stocks and Bonds is seriously at risk these days, with no real short, medium or long term chance of recovery, when the fiat collapses and system reboots. Current stock and bond market behaviour and central bank "repo window" coverage behaviour suggest the largest predator bank on the planet (JP Morgan) is refusing to lend out cash from its huge stock pile. This super behemoth bank is forcing central banks to print overnight cash to in order to serve (read cover) the other smaller banks (all of them effectively insolvent) at higher rates.

The reality today is most all private Banks do not trust each other given the stack of shite derivative "assets" they sit on (most of them packaged up "mortgage backed securities" loaned out at high values with high interest charges to people  or businesses unable to really service the debt monthly long term).

Because all of these private banks without exception are sitting on these big stacks of shite they created (over valued properties combined with lower buyer capital qualification hurdles), we now see each of them distrusting the other banks, and as such they are all  maneuvering to take each other out via "bad debt" swaps. Shades of 2008 only worse this time. All of this craziness is happening in real time around the world.

As such, all private bank managed pension plans imo should be liquidated by the holder (Small biz or individual) into hard stores of value physical (land, your home, equipment used to produce food) getting rid of the debt attached asap.

Self administered pension plans, still have fees and maximum amount withdrawal rules with penalties in many cases, so doing it once, is the right way to go, unless you feel confident about directing investment is to guaranteed (more or less) low return fiat based investments such as utility stocks.



Bottom Line? 

Invest in your own retirement by doing your investment and crypto homework, NOW.  There are no more excuses! 

The seven easy steps any small business or individual can take to "Escape Pension Plan Prison" do take some thought,  require a decent amount of research action,  lots of perseverance and most important,  never ending vigilance, to get the most out of these steps.

It's tough to break out of Pension Plan Prison, however, when you get out, the rewards are all yours. :)

TK over and out.



Main post Copyright belongs to "The Simpsons" Matt Groening


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