Only those Ads on Brave will Thrive: As the Chrome Cookies Crumble in 2022
Privacy Laws force Chrome Cookies to Crumble by 2022

Only those Ads on Brave will Thrive: As the Chrome Cookies Crumble in 2022

Goods news for BAT. (which received a spike in buy volume and price today, if you didn't notice ;) )

Chrome Cookie tracking of the user is now officially dead by 2022, per Google's announcement. That includes all those Chromium Browser variants too.

Per the Drum article today

EU Privacy laws protecting the consumer are catching up with Google and their advertisers fast meaning, Google has changed the Chrome browser API game when it comes to how ads will be served up, permission style by 2022:

No more intrusive Browser Cookie Tracking of user data and behaviour without permission from the user.

What does it it all mean for Big Adtech?

AdTech will need to get going Fast on New API support, but more importantly design and build new business models and  match them with "SaaS" software as a service architecture models (before they write a stitch of code), all of which have  steep learning curves, each  with new business and tech hurdles, already conquered by Brave and Safari.

The Game Changer?  Per the article above

"Writing in AdExchanger Ari Paparo, chief executive of Beeswax said view-through attribution, third-party data, DMP and multitouch attribution will be “dead” under the proposals. We’re now facing a world with significantly less measurement and targeting."

That 66% Browser Market Share going to Chrome is likely to fall, very, VERY fast indeed, never mind their Ad revenue collapsing in real time. Stock buy backs can keep the stock price and EPS "Earnings Per Share" high (also keeping those executive Option Values on exit from the company high) for a little while, maybe a year or two,  for sure a gig Google will employ to "stay on top".

Then What?

Will Google fully join the ranks of Big Tech Zombie Company Apple by say 2022?

Permissioned Based Adverts? rrreally!?

This article in 2012 from Forbes provides some insights as to what to look for as an investor...

TK Note- (Zombie companies do not have the revenue to cover their own costs, so they use stock buy back to prop up Stock price and earnings per share and acquire low interest debt money to retire old low interest debt, forever it seems, the ultimate Corporate Ponzi scheme, now common practice with many FT 500 and smaller firms listed on public exchanges)

I am sure Google has been working on this transition to permissioned advertising  for awhile now (trying to leapfrog Brave and Safari permissioned based advertising models) to avoid potentially impending Zombie company status. (a la Apple) 

One fast track way for Google to catch up would be simply buy out Brave, which in imo, is not very likely, given Google is a NIH "Not Invented Here" shop.

(They know "better", just ask them, they will tell you right away. ;) )

What is clear is the Permission Based Advert Browser Wars will really heat up over the next year or so.

Look for Google to launch implied and direct FUD "Fear Uncertainty and Doubt" Missiles (in the form of tech propaganda "jingles" embedded in whitepaper like documents, etc.., )  all aimed Brave's way. 

My advice to the browser crowd? Don't fall for "Google tech leadership" when it comes to Browsers. The reality is Chrome is a lumbering pile of bloatware which gets stripped down in Chromium form by other browsers such as Brave, to be built up again into something that is really useful and not circa 2006. (read Fast, Clean, convenient, rewards for reads, great targeting for advertisers, permissioned, privacy, convertible crypto to fiat liquidity, the #Brave #BAT lists goes on...)

Stay the course and keep using Brave. Innovation should be rewarded with use and a bit of loyalty. the Brave team has "broken the mould" introducing fair (to the viewer and advertiser), Permission-ed advertising and has earned your loyalty imo. :)

Google has a long way to go in matching Brave's current model, which utilizes Ethereum blockchain to protect user privacy and behaviour anonymously with unaltered info advertisers can trust, when they make their spend for targeted permissioned advertising  to achieve their" market coverage/reach and trial/hook" goals, never mind the novel rewards program in BAT which is a  tipping "two way street" for viewer and advertiser. That said, I would not count the Google Chrome development team down and out, they have a BIG bag of open source "hurdles" (slow down the market adoption of competitive tech so we can catch up) in the form of specifications they will 'share' at their competitors.

The big question is will the current crop of Chromium based browsers "break rank" and go their own collective way to create their own "Open source" permission based standards and APIs for Adtech?

IMO sometimes "changing the playing field" in tech collectively is a good thing (which includes the smaller and up and coming players starting their own standards movement), if you really want to get away from the 'incumbent' 900 lb Gorilla dictating ALL the terms of engagement in the market segment in which you play. :)

Time will tell whether or not the Permission-ed Advert Upstarts will break rank and collectively do their own thing. I hope they do, for the benefit of the viewers and the advertisers.

For sure, Interesting Advert Tech Times head.

TK over and out. 





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