EOS: A New Crypto Era "Dawn" or Another Darkness? (Lights out)

EOS: A New Crypto Era "Dawn" or Another Darkness? (Lights out)

Qualifier. I have followed EOS since its inception and have never held EOS.

The article below is excellent. One which nicely dissects in great detail the machinations "under the hood" of EOS's Musical Chairs like "Proof of Stake" Game.

So Hats off to the author: 


Andrew Munro, who looks to be located in Australia:


Andrew Munro is the global cryptocurrency editor at Finder. After previously writing about insurance and other areas, he now covers the latest developments in digital assets and blockchain and works on Finder's comprehensive range of guides to help people understand cryptocurrency.



Written before EOS got slapped with a big SEC fine...


EOS is SEC Easy Money

Oh Yeah, this more recent Coindesk post, which is SEC easy money (look the other way, rules are for those other people, pay this fine and we are good), a slap on the wrist for Block.One the maker of EOS which raised US$ 4.1 Billion (or at least that is what they say) in a painful year long ICO full of lots of promises (most of which remain undelivered on the developer side of the EOS effort)


Why just a slap? Well the money behind the Blockchain Capital team which set up the Block.one investment to create EOS,  comes largely out of NYC and San Francisco money sources. Get the picture?


Oh yeah, they have child actor Brock Pierce running the spin doctor campaign for EOS part time.


Andrew's line in the first link above, which caught my attention regarding his Question:

Is EOS Doomed?

"No one was ever going to entrust anything important to the whims of some random token holder cabal."

Mr. Munro clearly points out how orthogonal the EOS model is to Bitcoin's original intent.


My  common sense add is "We live in a kabal managed world today, so why would anyone one want to live in one tomorrow?"


The answer why someone might indulge EOS is quite simple, an answer which explains why groups "in the crypto know" have banded together to jump into the EOS play:


Why EOS? The answer is:

EOS is yet another manifestation of game theory packaged up as an online casino form (with built in inflation)  where big money players investing in behind each group vying to be one of the  EOS 21 shove each other around for a spot at the table, each round, and once they gain a spot, they can collude with other "table nesters" and quite simply "change the rules of the game" as they go, frying the the small fry EOS holders in the process, on the way to colluded self enrichment.

(Provided EOS Liquidity is there at a fair price, and their "investment in EOS is above water". If they bought in when the EOS price was high, well expect a long wait, or take your lumps and exit now, imo.)


Time to take your EOS lumps?

Given where BTC is at the moment, a stable low price trough just above US $8K, the last few months, taking one's EOS lumps might be a good idea, while rolling EOS into BTC to catch the next big upside. (And take a breather from stressful day trading in an effort to chip away at massive EOS losses.)

That said, it's a free world, if you want to go to a casino, then go, just know the house (most) always wins, and the house in EOS case are the EOS 21, so sign up with the right team, if you are into that proxy voting stuff (or if you have tons of eroding fiat value and can get on a team which regularly wins a seat, after all these teams need alot of cash to stake and get a seat.)

In the case of Casinos versus EOS the latter is at least transparent to the extent if you buy in with enough fiat, you are likely to gain a seat at the table.


TK Note - Gambling is an addiction of the get rich quick without any effort crowd, referred to as speculators in the stock market sense.


So by all means, if you consider yourself an expert speculator and like living on the edge, round to round, EOS might be the place to get involved in crypto.


EOS: The Great C++ Developer Promise: A Tsunami of C++ Developers will come, Really? 


The other part promoted by EOS followers has yet to materialise where, somehow, the legions of C++ programmers out there will migrate to build really valuable Apps on the EOS Network of Nodes. All of which should be able to make use of the features and performance EOS developers (mostly  Dan Larimer https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Daniel_Larimer) have built into the EOS network of Nodes to handle smart contract settlements between parties, run application and distributed compute jobs and offer up storage as a service, and also serve as a gaming platform. 

It's likely the case for this "migration in mass" has not occurred in that, many of those C++ programmer have had enough of hunting for memory leaks caused by misplaced malloc operations in their own C++ code (I speak from experience) and, are migrating as fast as you can say that phrase to the Rust https://www.rust-lang.org/ programming language  which looks alot like C++ without all the problems and the same or better performance. It's also likely the performance claims of  EOS TPS "Transactions Per Second"  at scale will never be achieved, as any developer with "real chops" will see upon close inspection  the current EOS infrastructure performance has been vastly over-stated.

EOS could likely have leapfrogged the woefully under powered ETH Network of Nodes as the preferred development platform, IF they had considered the fact that the C++ community is not nearly as large as the world of Scripting Languages, and Script centric programming dominates Smart Contract integrations these days (for good reason, you half half a chance of debugging them to fix problems six months later because they are English language like). Yeah, the C++ Developers have chops, likely know C a little bit better than most and are closer to the hardware than many but, so what. EOS missed the opportunity to port Solidity Scripts into C++, that ship has sailed. Solidity rules the Smart Contract roost for now... (because it looks a lot like JavaScript, duh!?)


EOS: The Road Ahead. Will EOS turn the corner, or Lights Out?

As the growth of the gambling halls of crypto, crowded with new token and new coins every day it seems,  continues unabated, the team at Block.one and the EOS Community has it's work cut out for them, not just to fix their problems but also retain and grow an audience of followers.

There is still a chance the world of EOS will turn the corner and reboot with a sustainable, fair and viable voting model, and maybe make it easier for Script centric developers of Smart Contracts to leverage the somewhat better observed TPS performance https://www.trustnodes.com/2018/11/05/eos-misled-the-public-on-the-number-of-transactions-it-can-handle-says-new-study that Ethereum  currently offers (they are getting better too, and are getting driven into the  North American education system quite rapidly.

Time will tell if EOS really is the new "Dawn of Cryptocurrency" https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eos, the verdict is still out there, but is fast approaching. Tic toc. 

My bet is the big EOS money will scatter (like roaches)  when the "wheels come off" the regular markets, now happening in real time, and park what's left of their EOS gamble in hard stores of value, mostly. (Read BTC, metal, Quality alt-cryptos with a clear upside driven my teams which are really delivering  on promised new value, more or less on time).

A clear early warning indicator is to watch what Max and Stacey do with their own stake in EOS. (They both have a big holding in an EOS 21 seat candidate and are BTC maximalists). They are sitting with EOSfish in the 37th position and out of the money, for now, after being as high as position 17, with a seat at the table.


Looking at the other big players, it's less likely they have the gumption and assets at EOSfish to stake enough to get back to the EOS 21 Block Producer table.

Is this an early sign of EOS's demise?

Maybe. The family team at Keiser Report   https://www.rt.com/shows/keiser-report/ have rarely been wrong, that said, they have made mistakes investing in the past, and have openly admitted them,  so this would not be the first time they change horses (Trump comes to mind...), as both are pragmatists when it comes to investing (and politics, as controlling the narrative is king in that political "neck of the woods" in order to garner meaningful Youtube Ad income) 


One bit of advice, before you dive into EOS in any capacity, get educated first, because EOS is both rich in features and very complex, not unlike Ethereum in both respects, and in a couple of respects very, very different ie- Consensus, ease of development, etc..

TK over and out.










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