Current BTC Trading Volume Supporting US$ 8K Bottom Longterm? Likely.. As other BIG Market Cracks appear

Current BTC Trading Volume Supporting US$ 8K Bottom Longterm? Likely.. As other BIG Market Cracks appear

Ok I called this many months ago, ( to toot my own horn, so to speak.)

That is BTC Investor Support for a floor price of US $ 8K going forward long term...



Given  the volume of ever growing  institutional investment in BTC to hedge their fiat  based positions in a stock market growing  largely via corporate buybacks (now showing sideways movement as the norm)., US $ 8K looks like a safe bet to be the BTC price floor long term, given the chaos emerging in the stock and bond markets, and at the overnight RePo window.  Add in a bond market largely propped up by multiple Central bank buying, as well as negative interest rate issues in the Trillions coming from Central banks in the EU and other lands , and this type of market action will drive any sane investor to hard stores of value, especially gold, with BTC I expect about to tag along with the upward metals market movement for the long term.

Heck even silver is slowly in breakout mode, especially given JP Morgan execs looks to be going to jail this time around for metal market manipulation, so expect JP Morgan to pay a small fine and resume biz as usual in a few months letting silver rise a bit in the process,  n.b- JP Morgan hold the biggest supply of silver in the world.) 



Add in the US Fed managed  "Repo" overnight rates seesawing between 2.5% and even 9% given liquidity shortages, and the Fed this last week currently jumping in effectively with another round of money printing QE "Quantitative Easing", with this new type of QE heading toward US$ 1 Trillion in just 10 days, where many of these "overnight" transactions are now taking 4 to 5 days to close, its clear to even a junior investor the cracks are showing up a la 2007 (think Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac) in a big way.) Make no mistake this latest QE dump of fiat paper just "bit into your buying power", again.


Words,, Words, Words...

You can be sure the Current BTC volume has been aided by the uncertainty in the Stock and Bond markets caused by market reactions rightfully or wrongfully so, to Trump's recent United Nations speech, where he took dead aim in plain speak on China transgressions.

Words do move markets, and Trump is no exception especially when you add in his tussle with the FED, 

So Be Safe, protect and grow your hard stores of value, and Hedge accordingly, also grow a garden, store up some canned and dried food,  and get some off grid power.


(If the lights truly go out  and the power goes off, you  truly want to be safe, because your fridge or freezer wont be working)


TK over and out





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Anatomy of "Big Wind" Scam

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