Crypto's Role in Hyper-Inflation Politics: Transitioning to a FAIR Economy

Crypto's Role in Hyper-Inflation Politics: Transitioning to a FAIR Economy

Around the world, in #Argentina, #Chile, #Venezuela, #Canada, the #USA, #EU, everywhere, we see the real carnage of #hyper-inflation of prices for food, shelter, water, power and transportation.

The reaction to Hyper-inflation is very real, a pent-up frustration exploding which leads to violence and pure revolt, because  lives and livelihoods are directly at risk. We all need quality food, shelter, water and power, and when those are hard to come by, shite happens.

For instance, the people of Santiago, Chile are rioting because of an arbitrary Chilean Govt. raise in public transport fares (so govt employees get more cash and better holidays I suspect) and the result is the people have burned up 49 /Train-Subway stations. The Chilean Govt. reset the fares after the carnage, but it was too late. The Chileans want and deserve real reform, so the conflict there won't end well, given there is no real current leader in the revolt, it's a "groundswell" uprising (ripe for communist intrusion), and the govt. there is at a complete loss at what to do.

Underneath the hood, Chile, like most countries around the world, save 'Elysium" (NYC, London, LA, San Diego or any elitist hovel you can think of) has seen pensioners  and average citizens' buying power erode rapidly in the last ten years to the point average people, poor, working class and the middle class, can't pay their bills or feed their families, and in many case are having their homes seized and their lives and family life ruined.

For example, Chile's average income is 600 per month in US$, and it's a country which relies heavily on export of food and drink to North America.  A few select export companies are making a lot of money as prices rise in North America, however the Chilean Peso has devalued over 50% in the last few years against the US$, and this  devaluation has seen local prices rise 200%+ very quickly, without a similar rise in wages and pensions ( the latter of which are fixed to imaginary and fake "inflationary" targets annually set by the government like in most nations, to effectively limit and control their outflow of payments owed to their own citizens.)

Even in Alberta, Canada, which is one of the 8th richest economies in the world measured by GDP per person, Alberta sees their own citizens feeling the pinch largely enforced by Federal government regulations enforced on the Oil and Gas Sector. In Canada,  It  recently cost the ruling #Liberal party a majority government in this past Monday's election, and now they are scrambling to fix it, with no real ideas of how to fix it in sight. The Liberals will talk and talk and talk, try to get their junior (far left) party the #NDP to agree on legislation to pass, fail at it, then dissolve government in 6 to 18 months and Canada will have another election, likely replacing the Liberals with the #Conservatives(center), likely elected with a clear majority, a similar party to the Liberal party trying to occupy the middle ground centrist position, and one which also have no real current answers.

Sound familiar?

It should be noted that #Alberta Suicide rates are up 30% in the last few years starting in 2015 since the Federal Liberal party (left) "took office" and enforced these policies, so now they have real blood on their hands,  because people are out of work, with the price of oil so low, and they can't afford to pay their bills and feed their families, and some in growing numbers, sorry to say, have taken the "suicide" exit as the way out of their dilemma. It's sad but very true, and we have only the federal government to blame. Or do we?

The story of these two extremes in Alberta and Chile, is similar around the world. 

So what do you do about it?

At a personal level, you have to hedge with hard stores of value, but also talk about it, get store owners, wholesalers and and secondary and primary producers of food, and suppliers of water and power to start accepting sound  forms of crypto, with decent local fiat liquidity (this allows you to extinguish the fiat, convert  that fiat to BTC Bitcoin for example, or Bitcoin Cash, Dash, Zcash, cryptos known to handle micro-payments well with fast settlement in a few seconds, for small purchases.


The IMPORTANT role of Software developers and  System Integrators in "Squashing" Hyper-Inflation

At the IT systems integration level, these retailers and wholesalers need some expertise to integrate their payment terminals into these hard stores of crypto value. So Software developers need to get going and make these integrations happen ASAP.



On the political level, here in Alberta, the separatist movement #WEXIT is using electronic billboards to get the message out and attract interested parties to their social media site on FB.  It's a great strategy, which in the past has seen resistance from Billboard suppliers in a political sense, however times are tough, and a few suppliers are now letting WEXIT  like Northern British Columbia, Canada supplier #Signpatico  while the suppliers of other billboards in Alberta lose out on the business. (some of them US, Canadian and International) 


That said, #WEXIT like most early startups in the political phase have donors transferring fiat to "movement" bank accounts, which can be frozen by the ruling Federal and Provincial authorities pretty quickly, once they find out where the account is located (typical political snitch shite), and have a Federal or Provincial order decreed, (yes, even in Canada) for the reasons of "national security", to stop any financial institution (#bank,# trust, #credit-union) from allowing #WEXIT to open up a bank account. It hasn't happened yet, but it certainly could happen, especially with the current government in Canada and also Alberta.

To learn more about #WEXIT go here

The role of crypto currency in protecting your political movement, it clear. By using a crypto currency recognised by suppliers you can keep your movement going and growing. The trick is making sure the supplier has  the ability to accept the payment via an integrated payment gateway which will handle the payment  transaction easily. 

Up here IN Canada, homegrown #Shopify, an online #payment #gateway #software leader, nicely supports #BTC and other fiat currencies

Here is a list recently published on #Cryptoblockwire for BTC gateways.

There are open source implementations out there as well on, here is one example supporting BTC and #Litecoin #LTC, etc...

The above links are just the tip of the iceberg listing a few of the essential building blocks of a FAIR economy based on "hard stores of value", building blocks essential in the quest to liquidate fiat as fast as possible and escape the world of Hyper-inflation we now live in controlled by some very corrupt and greedy people operating behind the curtains of  your local central bank.

Because #Bitcoin, #BCash, #Zcash, #Dash and others have thousands of network nodes able to attach these payment gateways with good fiat liquidity, and there are more and more fiat2crypto payment gateways sprouting up at record rates attached to these blockchain protected hard stores of value all the time, it's now virtually impossible, even for the USA armed with a legion of supercomputers, to stop this transformation of the the world economy of Hyper-inflation based on zero interest debt  fuelling price growth while being  kept as a "money supply" in the confines of the banks and large corporations to recycle their debt and keep their stock prices and EPS "Earnings Per Share" high.



The future can be bright, if the #food, #clothing, #transport, #water, #power "#supply-chains" get focused quickly about their adoption and use of crypto, to rapidly help their own national economies transform to a FAIR economy based on hard stores of "non-corruptible" value, totally resistant to Hyper-inflation.

Hyper-inflation resistance is nothing more than  avoiding the use of the current fiat system, which sees printing money happening at some banker loan officer's terminal when issuing a "near zero" interest loan for your car or property or equipment you need in your business, with the blessing of the current government regime.



For the political wonk and the software geek alike, looking to dive into this market segment of payment gateways with support for crypto, here is a decent info link  describing the basics

For the record, I don't directly endorse and have no holdings in any of the crypto services or products listed above, nor is this financial or political advice.

So do your own homework, and start hedging and converting/liquidating your fiat stores of value into hard stores of value like metals(#gold, #silver,  and #crypto. Ironically such action will slow the demand for fiat, and slow hyper-inflation a bit. ;)

Be safe, and software PAYMENT GATEWAY geeks get going, because you will make the real difference out there (SOME OF YOU ALREADY HAVE).  The evidence is out there today, it all works. 

TK over and out.






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