How HODLCommunity (HODLC) could Impact the Financial Services Sector

How HODLCommunity (HODLC) could Impact the Financial Services Sector

By Edward Moon | Analysis From Moon | 5 Jan 2021

The financial sector doesn’t seem like a feasible place for a revolution. More than likely, it evokes the image of men in grey suits carrying briefcases and ticking off checklists. However, there is change in the air.

That is, of course, the cryptocurrency industry, and especially one of its most popular branches right now — decentralized finance. Of course, not every crypto project can bring about a revolution. In fact, most of them can't. However, a few are trying to do it, and one of the most notable ones is HODLCommunity (HODLC).

The Mechanics of HODLC

The HODLCommunity is a new generation of crypto with an emphasis on community. Investing assets in HODLC means joining a forward-thinking community intent on revolutionizing the fintech industry. HODLC shakes up the win-lose aspects of traditional investing with a people-centered approach designed for recurrent use.

HODLC acts as a social experiment that uses an algorithmic token created on top of Ethereum's blockchain to defy the belief and conceptions surrounding value creation and distribution. It offers predictable growth, is measured against fiat, and relies on smart contracts to avoid centralization. HODLC is governed by the HODLCommunity foundation to ensure that the project remains true to its roots. 

The tokenomics of HODLC are easy to understand. Two mechanisms determine HODLC’s growth rate. The first, Dynamic Value Increase (DVI), is that the value of HODLC increases by 1/100th of a cent after each transaction. The more transactions, the faster the growth. The second, Temporal Value Increase (TVI), is a tiny daily increase in the value of HODLC. This ensures incremental growth over time. In addition to this, only 40 million tokens are available, creating scarcity. By using predictable growth rather than speculative growth, HODLC avoids the tremendous volatility typically seen with cryptocurrencies, so there are no surprises for those who opt to use it.

As HODLC could only be bought and sold, the need for HODLT arose. HODLT is an ERC-20 stable token with utility features that community members can use to transfer HODLC to others, make payments, donate to charity, or trade on centralized exchanges. HODLT is the engine that powers the options available in the HODLC ecosystem

HTrust: the Push toward Mass Adoption

HTrust, an innovative fintech startup, is a founding member of the HODLC ecosystem. HTrust will be offering a wide selection of services, including open API banking and trust service, exchange, a merchant program that ensures cash flow and financing solutions through HODLC, savings accounts, card funding transfers, and much, much more. The project’s potential to disrupt the financial services industry is immense. 

In its essence, HTrust is a push toward the mass adoption of cryptocurrencies. HTrust seeks to democratize crypto by taking it out of the hands of the few and placing it in the daily lives of the many by using familiar tools to create an online banking-like environment. Already an ambitious endeavor, HTrust further wants to use the predictable growth of HODLC to empower and uplift underserved and underprivileged communities through the use of low-interest private loans. 

Possibilities in the HODLC Ecosystem

HODLC has already achieved much, but it is nowhere near the end of its goals. The HODLCommunity foundation envisions a future where cryptocurrencies and financial services are integrated and exist alongside or as a supplement to traditional financial services. The project offers a broad ecosystem able to accommodate a variety of disruptive ideas such as personal retirement savings, low- to no-interest loans, HODLC-backed lines of credit, and the transformation of the remittance industry. 

Beyond that, HODLC is an excellent way to empower other industries, investors, and entrepreneurs that may have run into various obstacles and difficulties due to traditional finance's limitations. Those with limited resources or a less-than-perfect track record may find it difficult to win over investment bankers or venture capitalists. HODLC’s predictable growth may allow everyone to get what they want without complicated red-tape or a massive debt that will haunt them for years to come.

While this may seem like a distant future, the fact is that HODLC and other digital assets are continuing to grow and become more commonplace. This opens up new opportunities allowing HODLC to complement and even completely revolutionize the finance sector.

Edward Moon
Edward Moon

Crypto trader and analyst.

Analysis From Moon
Analysis From Moon

Analysis From Moon

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