Crypterium Launches a Virtual Card in Partnership with Apple Pay

Crypterium Launches a Virtual Card in Partnership with Apple Pay

By Edward Moon | Analysis From Moon | 24 Sep 2020

Crypterium App, one of KPMG's Emerging 50 Rising Stars in the Fintech space, announced their partnership with Apple pay. With this announcement, Crypterium has joined thousands of banks globally. 

A user can choose from the virtual card or a plastic version of it. There's also an option to get both of them. But, as of now, an individual can only get one free virtual card. It's also quite easy to get a Crypterium's virtual Visa card even if the user has signed up for a plastic Visa card already. 

There's a simple process that a user has to go through to receive a virtual Visa card after signing up for a plastic Visa card. They have to set a 3D passcode to activate their Visa virtual card. In this process, they don't have to provide any KYC information. The only time when a user has to go through a KYC process is when they are signing up for the Virtual/Plastic card for the very first time. 

Important Details on Crypterium Virtual Visa Card 

If a user is already signed up on the Crypterium app, then this virtual card would be available to them for absolutely free. This card allows loading up between €2 to €5000 daily. Once they have activated their card, they would be able to load it up instantly. The tariffs and limits of Crypterium cards are similar to that of the regular cards. There's only one difference and that’s in the tariffs, and limits on cash withdrawals.

A user can get either a plastic card or virtual card for a small monthly fee of €2.99 from the Crypterium app if they order it separately. They will have to pay a combined monthly fee of €2.99 if they have both the virtual and plastic cards. The users can get their monthly maintenance fee of €2.99 waived if a user loads a minimum of €299 a month. This limit accounts the total amount loaded on both the plastic card and the virtual card. 

Adding Cryperium Plastic/Virtual Card to Apple Pay

The Crypterium plastic and virtual card users would be able to add their cards to Apple Pay from September 21, 2020. It will enable them to benefit from faster checkout by tapping on their iOS smart devices. 

What About Security? 

As per the Crypterium team, their virtual card is explicitly designed to support online payments, shopping, and subscription signups. With that in mind, the Crypterium team have added all security features to their cards that are possible and available today. 

With the Crypterium virtual card, it is possible to shop and make payments on every website and apps. There's no need of adding the details of their main Crypterium Visa card. Hence, they shouldn't worry about their card details stolen or abused. 

Upcoming Features

The Crypterium card users will soon be able to add up to cards per user. Additionally, their Crypterium virtual card will be added to Apple Pay through the Crypterium app automatically. The Cryperium development team is working round the clock to release these features soon. They are also working on an update that will allow users to integrate their cards with Google Pay, as well. 

Digital Technology is the Future

Steven Parker, the current CEO of Crypterium, said that Crypterium believes that digital technology is the future. He says that the world has come a long way and it is in constantly changing mode. It all started with the paper bills, then came plastic cards. Today's the age of virtual cards. Steve reiterated that this is why Crypterium has made the integration of Crypterium virtual card with Apple pay a reality.

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Edward Moon

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Analysis From Moon

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