How to build a $10 vault in Coin Hunt World

By anakura | Anakura's Horizon | 30 Apr 2021

Hi everyone! Today is a wonderful day - the day when Coin Hunt World finally introduced Yellow Vaults, which gives you $10 in BTC or ETH if you answer a hard trivia question correctly! This is in addition to the already present in-game green and blue vaults, worth $1 and $0.1 each. Let's take a deeper look.

How to find a yellow vault

Before you can find a yellow vault and answer its trivia question, you need to be in one of the 100 locations in the US (or 10 in Canada) where they exist in touristic locations. If you want to know the exact locations, join the discord where we are making a list as we find them! Then, the vault needs to actually be built. What do I mean, you ask? Well... meet the CubieCrane! 


The CubieCrane is an in-game mechanic by which players need to work together to build the Yellow Vault. Building the vault requires "feeding" it 100 chunks of 10,000 resin each. Since resin is acquired by answering questions in blue, green and yellow vaults, you should have some if you have been playing for a while. When you reach 10,000 resin, you can choose to help build up the yellow vault! Or you can build a blue user vault in a location of your choosing (more on that in another article). 

I found a yellow vault! Now what? 

Yellow vaults require one yellow key to open and show you the trivia question. The first time you open a yellow vault at a certain location, it will display a very special question. The question will be related to the location of the yellow vault! If it is at an aquarium, the question will be related to the aquarium, and so on. That question will show up until you get it right. That means that if you get it wrong, you can try again, knowing that you will see the same question the next time you place a key inside the vault. 

When you get the question right, boom! You get $10 in Bitcoin or Ethereum. Cool, right? The crypto you earn in Coin Hunt World get exported to Uphold every Tuesday morning. Similar to how Brave Rewards distributes BAT to its users, but 4x more often (and more crypto!).

And if you don't find a yellow vault just yet, don't worry. Go collect some green and blue vaults instead! The trivia is easier in those, anyway! 

Vault Rewards

Sounds fun! How do I play? 

In order to play Coin Hunt World, you need to download the game on your smartphone. Here is the official website: 

Download for Android: 

Download for iOS: First download Testflight ( Then download CoinHuntWorld via Testflight ( Finally, be my friend ( )!

How can I find more players?

Come join the discord server to interact with the developers and other players and download the game if you haven't already! I promise it is one of the most wholesome Crypto discords you will ever join.


Cheers! Let me know if you have questions.

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