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Coin Hunt World Crypto Game Uphold Payment?

By anakura | Anakura's Horizon | 29 Mar 2021

This pokemon go type game in the crypto space takes another step towards proving it is legit.

This week, update 0.8.4 has enabled the initial stage of Uphold withdrawal of the BTC and ETH players have earned in-game. 

As of right now, players can link an Uphold account to the game. This consists of providing the email address of your Uphold account in-game. (Never provide your password to anyone!!) In the first week of April, a test transaction is going to be sent to every player that linked their uphold account.

If the test transaction works for everyone, then they will enable weekly payouts of BTC and ETH to the user's Uphold account of the players total account balance! 

Let's wait and see. This is an exciting step towards this legitimizing one of the best games to play on your phone!! 

Sounds interesting? Join the Beta:

Leave any questions in the comments. I'm happy to respond.


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