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After a not so unusual mistake I did a couple of months ago, my #ETH ended up hanging in a no man's cyberspace. To be precise, I sent my ETH to a LINK address in the #NEXO lending platform. 

Although it's technically possible to acquire them back, many other platforms explicitly state in their T&C that they won't bother. Thankfully NEXO is not one of them. And, although it took them a couple of months they eventually returned my ETH to me, no questions asked.

Thus, I was planning to publicly write a thank you note to Nexo. Instead, I will share their latest AMA recap, where you can also learn interesting things about their roadmap and their business model. Why is their card delayed and what's so different about it? What do they plan for their native token? How do they make money? Etc..

Please enjoy


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your friendly neighbor Thanos
your friendly neighbor Thanos

Not my fault that Marvel named their big blue bad guy after a very common Greek name.

An innocent bystander
An innocent bystander

A bit of this and a bit of that

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