The Best Bitcoin Wallet You Can Manage Your Bitcoin Funds with: A quick Review of Atomic wallet

By amusanmikel | amusanmikel | 8 Aug 2019

Hello my fellow steemians, welcome to another exciting moment on my blog.
I have been in the cryptocurrency industry for quite some time now and to be frank, the experience has been awesome. Tho it has been the opposite for some other people which might probably due to loss of funds via negligence, carelessness, and even through lack of proper security measure while managing crypto funds

Straight to my main purpose of today, I want to share with you some different wallets in this space which can be used in managing your bitcoin fund.

The first wallet that comes to my mind is blockchain wallet which was the first wallet I ever came across in the crypto industry, they have both web wallet and mobile wallet for managing bitcoin and some other selected currencies.


Another wallet that readily comes to mind is Luno wallet which can also be used for easy management of both bitcoin and Ethereum and also some other cryptocurrencies, luno also has a mobile application which makes their services available and also supports fiat purchase with cryptocurrency and vice versa.


Huobi wallet is another cryptocurrency wallet which you can also use to manage your btc and some other cryptocurrencies. It’s a product of the Huobi Global which is a popular name in the cryptocurrency industry.


Enjin wallet and trust wallet is also among the wallet being used for management of bitcoin and other currencies and has also recorded some considerable number of users.


As you all have known me to be an advocate of atomic wallet, I can never create a list of excellent wallets for managing btc without including atomic wallet therein. Atomic is exceptional in its functionality in the sense that apart from the fact that you can easily use it to manage your bitcoin, you can also use it to manage over 300 coins effectively with more coins being added by the team frequently.


Atomic wallet is available in both mobile and PC version and it also has some special features such as ability to purchase cryptocurrency using fiat, ability to exchange your cryptocurrency for other currencies easily without having to send your tokens to an external exchange, top security measures which gives you the assurance of safe fund management, excellent user interface which makes the wallet usability easy for users and so many other features.

Download atomic bitcoin wallet here now

Also, atomic wallet is well known for its prompt and always-active support system which responds to your queries within the shortest possible time.


Atomic has also partnered with binance chain recently in the bid to continually make the atomic wallet better than its counterparts and give its token more value as it is being currently being traded on binance dex

Click here to download your atomic wallet now
Until next time that I’ll bring more exciting reviews to you, kindly stay tuned to my blog!!!

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