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By Levitate | Amsterdam Drip | 8 Apr 2020

Hi everyone! This is my debut on PublishOx so to say. I would like to share a project that I have been working on. I started with creating a corporate identity for a clothing brand to be. The idea is that this brand will start selling sustainable clothing. First through a print on demand, just to see how it will grow. The ultimate goal would be an independent sustainable clothing brand, focussing on urban streetwear, while protecting the environment as good as possible.

I would like to share some of the visuals I have created and I would love to hear your feedback. All my designs are made in Adobe Illustrator and in some cases afterwards edited in Adobe Photoshop.

I probably written and rewritten this post probably about 5 times, so bare with me. I do apologise for any mistakes that you might find in my text. This is my second language so it isn't perfect.

Logo design in Illustrator

The final versions of the logo, it took me about 12 versions and endless tweaking to get them to my satisfactory, I am curious to find out what you guys might think!

Double bag impression logo Amsterdam Drip Single bag logo Amsterdam Drip

To create a better impression on how the logo will eventually look printed on bags and such I used some mockups to make sure the end result would be to my satisfaction.

Shopsign logo Amsterdam Drip

As a last addition to the series I created a fictitious storefront to create a look and feel on how a store in an urban setting would look like.

To be honest, I do not know if you guys would appreciate this post. I truly hope so! I am looking forward to your feedback in the comments!



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Designer & Front-end developer, Freehand artist and Crypto enthusiast

Amsterdam Drip
Amsterdam Drip

Artworks, designs and more. I am an artist from the Netherlands. I work as a Front-End developer and designer. On this blog I tend to post artworks, projects and other stuff that I make in my free time. I hope to share my creations and make people smile a little in this hectic world.

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