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By AmineU | AmineU_GP | 1 Aug 2020

You have discovered Upland, did some research, read some reviews and maybe even signed up as well. You remain a bit skeptical and unsure and thinking …. no quite feeling it.

That’s fair. There is a lot to wrap your head around, and really you are not alone. A little history. I started Upland late 2019 about 5 months after their initial release in closed beta. Early this year they moved to open beta with three upgrades amicably named after alcoholic beverages Mojito, Martini, and the latest Daiquiri. With each update providing improved enhancements to the game and user experience. See Upland white paper.

In its current state it does not come with a complete environment. So you may be wondering what else is there? But if you follow the logic of many software programs/games their first few iterations come with limited features. It is only over time does that they fully evolve.

And, as this is about virtual property primarily, let me provide a real world comparison. If you were to buy a property in new sub division under construction the following list of amenities you would likely be living without for some time, simply because you love the area, or the home etc.

1) No finished roads, or sidewalks.

2) No direct or quick access to stores.

3) No landscape or parks.

4) No or very limited street lights.

5) Limited choice of service providers (internet and TV)

6) No or limited access to public transit.


Although Upland is a game at its root, but has potential to be much more, so it operates no differently, except of course there is no legal contract but the premise is still same - it is a game under development.

Over the last few months I have noticed two distinctive types of players where Upland is concerned. 

Those with patience and vision. nd those without. The latter are the same ones who are quick to dismiss projects in general (blockchain or otherwise) because they rather not wait but expect a quick return without doing any actual research. That is not what Upland is about. I may sound like a preacher or someone with blind faith. I am neither. If there are areas in the game I do not agree with I am not afraid to voice it. But I understand what the game is about and importantly what is has the potential be.

This is not for anyone looking to ‘cash out and make it rich over night’ . The ability to cash out is in the pipeline and all about US compliance.

What about having to pay with actually money all the time, you ask?

       You don’t. Who said you had to? Like anything it boils down to how you handle your resources (time and money).

Let’s play another real life scenario. We can agree the fastest way to get from point A to point B is a straight line /direct money in. If I want an item now, I pay for it out of pocket now. If I don’t have the immediate funds, then I’ll save a bit at a time. Longer wait time but still possible. I wouldn’t get into credit/loans right now (best to avoid those options for the moment). 

In Upland you have the same choice. Pay right away, wait and save, or flip. And don’t forget about the option of using my referral bonus towards your first property. The another option is to play the Treasure Hunts to gain more UPX. There is a player GreenTurtle who has injected as little as $5 USD (5000 UPX) and increased to $1000 USD (1000000 UPX). This took time of course but they got there and is one of the most respected players in the game. It’s all on how you decide to play.


Ok fine, so I don’t really need to put in more of my own money, but what about those yields/interest? The ROI can take over 4 years!

    Upland provides about 17.3% per year on average. Could be higher depending on the collection and keep in mind this rate is inflated and yields will eventually drop. On $100, that is approximately $17.30 dollars by year end, that’s about $0.047 a day. Real Life scenario you have $100 in a bank account with average interest of 2.25% per year. By end of the year you earned an additional $2.25 (excluding compounding and inflation). That’s $0.006 a day. 

As I mentioned in my previous post there are many elements that can be learned. But it’s not for anyone who choses to do nothing. It’s about your strategy that suits your interests and means - simple as that.


Then Who is it for? 

     Well you of course. If you read this far, it means you are willing to try, learn, participate and have some fun. It is for the designers, creators, entrepreneurs, builders and gamers alike  - all having a fundamental attribute of patience to see this project through. And at this time, I say now is the ideal moment research and accumulate properties and/or UPX while it is still in open beta.

More in-depth information at my main blog

And this post from other players illustrating some basic game strategies as you evolve and create your own.

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