Play Upland on Your Budget: A Guide on How to Spend $10 to $10k in Upland

Play Upland on Your Budget: A Guide on How to Spend $10 to $10k in Upland

By ThankMeLater | Upland Fan Blog | 27 Apr 2020

The purpose of this guide is to help give advice to the wide audience of Upland and to provide my recommendation on how to get the most out of your budget. In this guide I provide my thoughts on 4 budget Tiers: T1 $10, T2 $100, T3 $1,000, T4 $10,000.

Some notes before we get started.

This guide is just one player's opinion, I highly recommend you do independent research and talk to the community especially if you're planning on spending $1,000 or more.

Right now a lot of the fun of this game is being a part of a growing community and platform, which doesn't cost a penny. That being said I personally don't think someone who doesn't put in at least $10 is going to get much from this game. You really need to achieve Uplander status and have enough to get started in the market

If you haven't already started the game TAKE NOTE: The Upland referral program is absolutely the best deal in the game right now. By using a referral link to register with the game (Like
you will get a 50% bonus on your first UPX buy. This is a huge bump at any tier and I highly recommend taking advantage of it if you can. I will show the starting budgets for each tier and how this bonus could help to highlight its importance.

This article may contain some Upland jargon. If you aren't familiar with terms like minted and unminted properties please refer to this guide.

So, you heard about Upland in a podcast, from a friend, maybe Twitter and you're thinking of jumping in, or maybe you've been around a while and you've decided you want to put in more. My goal is to help you maximize that investment not just from an ROI perspective but also from an enjoyment perspective. Let's jump in:

Tier 1 Budget: $10 "Baller on a Budget"

I think this will be among the most common budgets for those who are casual and/or skeptical of Upland. $10 will be more than enough to secure you Uplander status and depending on how you register will result in 13k UPX (3k min starting with 10k for the $10), 16k UPX (using a link that gets you the additional 3k signup bonus) or 18k UPX (If you used a referral link like and got a 50% bonus off on your first UPX bonus)

The goal of this tier is to obtain cheap unminted properties (ie do not buy second hand, minted properties) and complete your first couple collections (which will earn you couple thousand more UPX) There are still plenty of sub-2,200 UPX properties hidden around the map and after you get a couple of collections that's what you should be looking for. Buying a 2,100 property and selling it for 2,399 UPX will net you ~179 UPX (which is about 6 months worth of interest) **Bonus Join the Upland Fan discord server and ping me (ThankMeLater) and I'll buy your first property off you for 2,500 UPX!

The minimum resale price right now is sitting right around 2,400 so any property you can pick up for under 2,200 would result in a profit (don't forget to calculate the 5% cut on your sale)

Tier 2 Budget: $100 "City Slicker"

Most gamers have no problem spending $100 on a game they enjoy, especially if they are going to be playing it long term. The nice thing about Upland is that this $100 today is building a foundation that could lead to having a future payout or sustained growth.

Let's break down the financials; 3K UPX base, 100K UPX for $100, and either 3k with the bonus links from some podcasts or 50K UPX from the referral link ( obviously this assumes your first one time buy is the $100.

To be fair, I will break down just the 100,000 UPX from a standard buy. At this tier, you really have two options:

Option 1) Premium collection(s). Use your 100K UPX to start building out a premium collection. I like the Seacliff "Exclusive Collection" for its value right now (04/26/20) you should easily be able to pick three of theses properties for under 100K. You'll get a completion bonus of 8k which is nice but it's the 2.15x interests that is really nice. Yes, it is one the lowest multiplier of the "Exclusive Collections" but it is a lot cheaper and only a slightly smaller multiplier. Base interest is 1.44% a month, so 100K worth of random properties will earn you 1,440 UPX a month. 100K worth of Seacliff properties (assuming a completed collection) would net you 3,096 UPX a month. Yes, this isn't a ton of earnings but 3K a month will get a new property every month. This is a more long term investment play. Once Seacliff inevitably sells out these properties (any of the sold-out collection properties actually) will be desired at a premium, I would expect an initial bump of 30-50% once sold out and longer-term (1 year+) you could potentially see 2X valuation.

This is a passive play, set it and forget it. This is a great addition to existing strategies or other Upland investments. 

Option 2) Treasure Hunter. Take the 100K and spread the wealth around the city. Establish yourself "bases" in high volume areas around the city buying the smallest/cheapest properties you can. The goal here is to create a network of properties to allow you to compete more competitively in Treasure Hunts (THs)  just 1 EX TH win a month would net you ~3K UPX! With TH 2.0 coming soon the potential for earnings in TH could vary quite a bit but it can be very lucrative for the active hunters. If you get cheap enough properties you may be able to flip for ~10% profit while leveraging them for hunt stops until they sell. Don't forget you'll also be able to collect a variety of visitor fees.

This is an active playstyle, and in order for this to pay off, you must continually stay engaged and hunt. You can't get frustrated at losses and you need to be prepared to lose more than you win. You will definitely want to leverage the community and Discord. (


Tier 3 Budget: $1,000 "Million Dollar Baby"

Why do I love this tier? Two words, Custom Explorer. Right now all players with 1M+ get a custom made explorer, this is a very cool offer and is worth its weight in UPX!

So 1K USD gets you 1M UPX! Now, not to beat a dead horse but in you plan to do this the PLEASE use a referral code! Like (, if you plan to this PM me. Using the referral code on this will get you an additional 500K UPX! This is obviously huge and will go a long way to establishing your foothold in Upland.

So you're a millionaire, now what? I like the Financial District. Yes, its pricey, and yes you need 4 of them but hear me out. (PURE SPECULATION) It is my belief that the Financial District will be in some way tired to future citizen banking opportunities. That means properties in this district could quickly demand a high premium and allow for access to key gaming mechanics in the future.

The other factor is, this is the highest achievable premium collection that is obtainable at the 1M UPX mark. I would not waste my money on inaugurals (very overpriced for what they are) and Iconics will cost you about 3M to achieve right now. I'll be honest, I don't love that the FD only has a 2.35x return (which is another reason I think it will have a secondary purpose), but they are solid pickups.

1M worth of FD properties will get you 33,840 UPX a month in interest, which is more than 1K UPX a day.  This is a good amount to give you a chance to buy something every couple of days or save up for a more moderate purchase. (Note: if you used the referral link and got the 1.5M, you could earn over 50K a month from FD properties.)

I would also sprinkle any leftover funds around the map to compete in THs and other in-game events. If you love the idea of Upland and plan on spending the money anyway. Do yourself a favor, use the referral link, and make the upfront single transaction. With all the potential of Upland, this is my highest recommended tier right now. 


Tier 4 Budget: $10,000 "The Curator"

Honestly, this may be the "easiest" tier. If you are going to drop this kind of money, I only have one suggestion for you "The Curator" collection.

At 3X interest multiplier this top collection still has 7 properties (as of 4/22/20) left unminted. This is easily the most profitable set for interest and at 10Mil UPX worth of properties at 3x interest you're looking at over 430K UPX interest a month.....that should give you enough weekly spending to complete the rest of the open collections and buy some fun properties as you see fit.  If I had it to do all over again, this is how I would have started. (For a point of reference, my current net worth is just over 17M, and my monthly interest is just over 400K)

Although let's be honest, if you're dropping this kind of cash you probably have your own plans/ideas so God speed!

Note: Currently the largest single purchase you can make is 1k USD, so using the referral will "only" get you the 500K but still completely worth it! (sorry no 5M bonus chances) **There may be a $3k (3M UPX) option on PC which would result in 1.5M in

Cheers and as always,



If you haven't already joined the fun be sure to check out Upland, the virtual property trading game. If you use this link, Upland will award you with a bonus for your first purchase; 

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