Collectibles? Are we talking about comic books and sports/ non sports cards again?

By AmineU | AmineU_GP | 9 Aug 2020

Well yes AND no. Quite often when the word collectible or collection is spoken it is almost always synonymous with comic books or sports cards. We envision some young boy (traditionally male) tuck away in his room amazed by the heroics of his superhero of choice. Comic books made the concept of collections and/or collectibles mainstream. Prior to that collectibles were reserved predominately for the wealthy. Collections were made of lost treasures, exotic goods, rare arts and artifacts and not always obtained legally or through fair trade, nonetheless the idea of a collectibles has existed for a very long time.

Some would easily say collectibles are for people who have nothing better to do with their time, or it is a waste of money. Both statements are incorrectly perceived. Unfortunately, those same people think if the reason why is too subjective or too abstract the practice is useless. 

Collectibles are not about time wasted as it is about how you choose to use your own time. Collectibles are not about waste of money if its your own money.
Collectibles and Collections are more to do with intrinsic value, extrinsic value or both. With so many different personalities and characteristics on this planet there’s a collectible item somewhere to match. Do a google search for ‘collection hobbies’ as an example and see the list a various interests. Coin collectors, Wine collectors, Mineral collectors and so on.


Intrinsic value are those collectibles, that we just love and enjoy for the sake of it. They are usually of a fond memory (souvenirs, keepsakes), or something we deem important be it historical, educational, or informative. 
Extrinsic value are those that can be traded or sold for an agreed upon price. Antiques collections, rare books are some. 
And there are some collectibles that offer both - many hobbyist will have within their possession a combination of the two.
As with anything the important thing is maintaining a healthy balance to keep oneself ‘grounded’.

UPLAND - DIGITAL COLLECTIBLES (better known as NFT - non fungible token).

Digital collectibles are an addition to and extension of traditional collectibles market. You can own, buy and trade or even create digital collectibles. The most popular and recognizable is the Cryptokittes phenomenon. Their highest collectible sold for over $100,000 USD. You may not understand why, it may just mean that style of digital collectible/NFT offers no appeal to you, but maybe something else will. 

In Upland as discussed in previous posts, the standard starting point is purchasing properties that work with existing collections to boost your earnings, and later you can offer those properties (NFTs) for trade or to sell. In addition, what you could also imagine is establishing a collection style that you find appealing especially once the property upgrades are implemented. Will it be a property of a particular size? Unique location? The style of your upgrades? These are just some random ideas. Upland at a later date will be releasing additional collections to the game.

Wait — Hold on, at least with traditional collections they appeal to the 5 senses!

Yup. No argument there. Digital collectibles/NFTs as of today do not entice all 5 senses. We can not smell, taste or feel NFTs. But this does not mean they should be dismissed so quickly. Overall NFTs (more in-depth article will be provided later) are created to address, fraud, immortalize traditional collectibles from the remnants of decay, help equalize or empower creators to monetize and control their own content, offer buy-ins for development projects, possible links to physical goods and services, revamp loyalty programs and more. There are endless applications where NFTs are being applied and gaining attention in various sectors from industrial, retail and entertainment.

In Upland - collect for fun, upgrade for fun, trade for fun or fiat (soon). And in near future run a virtual business. The possibilities could equate to limitless.

— What can you imagine?




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