Information has become one of the main products of our time.

By Bimevox | Ambassador projects | 20 Feb 2023


Everyone around is talking about Big Data: that they can be used to analyze business processes, predict customer behavior, and manage production. Big Data is an array of information that helps make informed decisions, they are also called data-driven, that is, based on data. They allow building predictive models of high accuracy. Big Data, or big data for business, is essentially like a coded message: if you decipher it, you will get the exact coordinates to plot a course. Big data is the driver of the global economy. They are helping:

Work with large amounts of information.

Build more accurate forecasts and make smarter decisions.

Build long-term strategies.

Fix bugs and improve the product.

Thus, Big Data is processed using special automated tools to be used for statistics, analysis, forecasts and decision making. It turns out that information in our time has become one of the main products. Like any product, information has consumers who need it, and therefore has certain consumer qualities, and also has its owners (owners). From the point of view of the consumer, the quality of the information used will provide an additional economic or socio-moral effect. And here one important aspect is the reliability of the information received, where it is necessary to highlight the accuracy and truth of the data. Error-freeness refers to the property of data not to have hidden random errors. In the analysis of the truth of the data, deliberate distortions of the data by the person who is the source of information are considered.

And it turns out that if deliberately distorted data creep into the analysis of a huge amount of data, then on the basis of such data we can get an erroneous result, which can negatively affect the future.

And this is where the Exorde protocol can help. The Exorde Index measures market sentiment BEFORE trading takes place. Exorde is built around a core platform that provides unbiased credibility scores for information (and virality-related analytics) based on the community, AI modules, and a token-based economy.

Exorde uses an open source decentralized protocol to collect data from around the world. The project is based on the idea of decentralization, which guarantees data neutrality and transparency. Exorde aims to extract and sell brand/cryptocurrency/share reputation scores based on what people say on social media.

Currently, the protocol can define the following relationship:

Neutral - Awareness - Confusion - Entertainment - Approval - Curiosity - Disapproval - Love - Annoyance - Caring - Gratitude - Surprise - Optimism - Nervousness - Admiration - Excitement - Joy - Desire - Disgust - Fear - Anger - Disappointment - Sadness - Embarrassment - Pride - Relief - Remorse - Grief.

Exorde receives input URLs for public information such as social media posts, press articles, photos, and videos. These URLs are then processed in a decentralized data pipeline that produces output graphs linking all similar data and facts. The analyzed content is stored in an archive that has open access, so any person can access the original information at any time and from anywhere in the world.

Exorde is run by its DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) and uses community votes and polls. Management will be decentralized among all members of the community. Collectively, they will be able to change the internal rules and parameters of the systems (rewards, limits, delays, scheduling, etc.) and will have a built-in reputation system. These mechanisms are designed to continually align the interests of the community and its governance for the benefit of Exorde.

If you want to see the Exorde Index in action, visit If you have questions about the Exorde Index or the protocol behind it, please visit our Discord:

Written by Bimevox
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