Where can I buy 1,000,000 Hydros?

 1,000,000 Hydros = aprox. USD 1,500 or 1,250 euros or MXN 28,600 or 7.15 ETH. Hydro is 72.8% cheaper than 1 year ago.

If you want to buy them now, probably now it might be the best time to acquire them. Then the time is hard to reverse, because there are no what ifs.

The bearish trend stopped last Thursday night, when 1 Hydro was 0.0013. Since then, there has been steady recovery, Hydro rose and shined from its lows by 13%. There was a strong bull trend especially last Friday, some correction on Sunday. But the support of 0.0014 hasn't been drilled back.


I personally regret that I didn´t buy some coins at certain levels, like Ethereum when it was on 84 dollars last December or Basic Attention Token at 0.10. If I had bought tons of them, I would make between 140-300% of profit. I just remind that there is always implicit risk in any trade and you have to evaluate your carefully your options. Even if you perform a great technical analysis there is always a chance of at least 20% that the market may go against you.

Ok, then if it is a good opportunity where to get them?

1) Work on Publish0x, write a lot of great articles and make it in a certain period of time.

2) Buy them in the following exchanges:



Each exchange has different bids or sells. The cheepest at this moment is CoinEx. The pairs where you can trade Hydro are: Ethereum, USDT or the emperor of all of them - Bitcoin. All of this information you can get it on Coingecko (section Exchanges), the charts you can adjust it there by 24 hours, 7,14, 30,60,90,180 days, 1 year or Max. Before making any decision, I strongly recommend you to check the charts and perform some technical analysis.

I only know a little Bitforex, the other sites I haven't visited. Before you enter to any Exchange, make sure to download tutorial or watch the videos on how to deposit and how to convert the coins. At the beginning it may be a little strange for you, but do it step by step. 

In case you feel that you have a doubt, first do the operation with a very small amount, rehearse and then execute it with big amount. 

In the title of this article I assigned the amount of 1,000,000 because I like millions.  But you can buy lower amounts. I personally would go for a quarter of million. 

Then you have the  option: leave Hydro on the exchange and trade it but it might not be that secure because of hackers or transfer it back to your ERC-20 wallet, keep it there or on hardware or Trezor. Whatever you feel comfy, do what brings you the most of the tranquility.

I wish you good luck with all your investment plans; the time to diversify our investment portfolios has come.


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