Right now Online Crypto Giveawaay Test on Uptrennd LIVE AND IT'S BREAKING RECORDS.

Right now Online Crypto Giveawaay Test on Uptrennd LIVE AND IT'S BREAKING RECORDS.

I wanna share this, I am running this as a trial test on Uptrennd. It's being already huge success, many Uptrenndians from different countries all around this beautiful Mother Earth, are already doing it.

It's a very different attitute of all of them, they don't wanna only wanna  win the award but also master their knowledge on Uptrennd's platform.

The first place is award of 500 1 UP, second 250 1 UP, third 150 1 UP tokens. Today this platform is having a groundbreaking implementation of withdrawal transaction.

I really wish some publishers 0x could join this test who knows maybe some would win.

The only requierement is to be member of Uptrennd; in case you aren't yet, here is your chance: 


Your online test is ready so you can take part of it this Tuesday UTC 0.01 AM to 23:59 PM (UTC - British Time). And here come the details.

All the previous details are on my profile - Jan Bouda.

Hi Uptrenndians,

Your online test related to Uptrennd is ready on this link.


There you need to insert your name, email, answer the questions and send. 

You need to have an account with Google to access this test on google documents. In order to have it you need username, password and fill out some form in case you don’t have any. In order to back up the results of your test, I ‘d recommend you to take a screenshot of your final result. You can post it on comments or email it to me to euroshak76@hotmail.com or by chat.


All the details regarding to this test are shown in this post:


The winners will be announced tomorrow and on Thursday, they will be rewarded by 1 UP tokens.

I decided to include a small modification regarding to the rules of point rewards:

In case that there are more winners on the first place – for example 5, and there is only one winner on the second place – 30% of total assigned points for the second place will be transferred to position number 1. If the award of the higher position would be lower, we would make manual adjustment so the winners would get 10% more than the second place. It also can apply for the third place as well.   I made this adjustment in order to make the rules of this test fair.

in this link is provided the study guide: https://www.uptrennd.com/post-detail/your-study-guide-ready-for-your-online-crypto-giveawaay-test-for-tuesday-aug-13th~Mjk5Nzc

I wish Good Luck to all of you and let’s test yourselves

I want to implement these test also for other crypto online communities, one of my favorite ones is also BAT and Publish0x. What do you think?

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