My favorite site for free cryptos

My favorite site for free cryptos

Today you have different ways how to earn free cryptos. I will post examples of few sites which worked well for me.


Presearch is a descentralized search engine, where you can subscribe and every day you get paid for 32 paid searches. You can set up the search engine inside the Presearch where you want to perform searches, you can use Google, Bing, Youtube, Ecosia. Personally I like to use Ecosia because they say that for each search they plant a tree.

Going back to Presearch for every search you get paid 0.25 PRE which equals 1 US cent today. The value of Presearch is volatile, it wouldn’t surprise me that PRE would worth tomorrow 2 cents or more.  For every referral you get paid 25 PRE = 1 USD.  You can claim your PRE after you collect 1,000 eligible tokens, that means you have to earn aprox. 2000 PRE. You can transfer these PRE to some exchange such as HitBTC

 The site gives an option to buy PRE, it costs more than on Exchanges but on the other hand they usually give you 100 PRE token for free.

So if you want to get paid for something that you do on daily basis on Google for free, and you want to try it, subscribe here:

If you subscribe on the link you will get a bonus of 25 PRE, if you do it without it you don’t get this bonus. Every day I can get paid here up to: 8 PRE = 0.32 dollars

2) Brave Browser

BAT represents Brave project, an alternative search engine where you can tip the youtube channels, websites or earn profits from advertising (available only in few countries). Brave is much faster than Google Chrome and saves you time and money for data used by your mobile.

Today 1 BAT = 0.33 dollars. From its lows in February (USD 0.11)  BAT increased over 200% during this year.

If you share this affiliate link:, after 1 month you get paid 5 USD in BAT; the advantage is that in fact you are earning more because BAT is on a strong bull run. You can suscribe your Youtube channel, Twitter or website in the Brave Rewards program and generate passive income from tips of the users who like your content. For that you need to have Uphold account, where your BAT wallet is located. I love this project and this cryptocurrency, personally I recommend it to everybody.The BAT value is forecasted to reach 1 U$ dollar during the second part of the year. If you affiliate only one person per month, you could get paid 0.5 BAT per day.

3) Publish0x

I got affiliated with Publish0x on May 1st, in 42 days, I got paid in Hydros, Bounties and DAI an estimate of USD 19.5. This amount changes constantly according to value of these cryptos, except of DAI which is a stable coin.

You have 3 ways how to make money on Publish0x:

  1. a) Writing your articles, and other members of Publish0x tip you. Your article appears in the new section, if it makes a lot of tip, then it appears for several days in section of Popular. Publish0x has an option for articles of other topics but it is mostly focused on cryptos.
  2. b) Reading articles, you can get aprox. USD 0.01 per day, the amount depends on the cryptocurrency which is being paid. I like the most the tips paid in Hydro.
  3. c) Referral Program: you can share your affiliate link and get 5% of the income of your referrals. If you have a content you want to share or you like to read, in both cases you can get paid cryptos for it, try it here:

On Publish0x you get every 24 hours chance to get paid for reading interesting articles. Most of the articles are of high quality. The authors here know what they are talking about and let me tell you, every day I learn a lot of new things.

My estimate daily income on Publish0x = 0.46 USD.

If you reach a minimum payout of USD0.50 you get paid every week on Monday, your deposits are being wired to the Ethereum Wallet of your choice.

I was partially active and I am very happy about the results on this site.

4) Uptrennd

First I read about Uptrennd on Publish0x and I told myself, I will give it a chance.

In Uptrendd you get paid this way:

  1. a) Tips for your articles – if people like your article, you get upvote. Each point = 1 UP token. There are a lot of level on Uptrennd. The level system is a smart thing because you have a challenge to progress, in every level the upvote increases 0.1 point. Also if you want to have faster benefits you can do it in a fast track way and buy the points.
  2. b) You can get 100 UP tokens for each referral.
  3. c) Hidden gem of Uptrennd are the comments. You can upvote comment of member and reply. For each reply you can get upvote. What I like about Uptrennd is that other members really support you and they care about you. It's a win-win relationship and they care of the healthy growth  of this site. I really appreciate all your support guys.

For example last week I had a lucky break and one of my post got around 90 upvotes, it really made me happy to see that other Uptrennd members liked it.want to share one of my tip that started to show great results for me:

I definitely recommend Uptrennd (25 1UP tokens average per day); and if you want to learn, share and earn Uptrennd token you can suscribe here:



Pivot One is a social media community, aimed mainly for entertaining purposes.

Recently I found out that PVT token will be listed on Coinall.

You can obtain Power when you do your daily tasks:

  1. a) Up to 1500 Power by reading 15 posts. Those posts are very interesting they keep you updated on cryptos.
  2. b) Affiliations: up to 20,000 Power 10% of your friend's Power, If you want to try it, suscribe here: 
  3. c) Gaming: You can play free crypto games based on predictions of top cryptos quotes. There are 4 kind of games: Binary, High Profit, Up Down, Big Win. There is one danger of it: it can be highly addictive. They provide you up to 1000 coins every day in order to participate. 100 spent coins generate 5 Power.
  4. d) Special offers

Every morning depending on the amount of your Power you get a bonus - which is a share of your PVT tokens, which gets added to your balance.

I obtained 25 PVT average per day.

6) Airdrop. I recommend a site Free Coin Hunt where I got some juicy free cryptos, for example 70 BitForex token,  which already appears on its exchange. In case you want to try it, you can sign up here:

7) Beta testing of crypto apps

For example I follow Project Hydro on Twitter, and at the end of May I saw an important announcement of Hydro Pay app. This app is found in the phase of Beta testing. The most important fact about it is that you will be able to pay friends and family for food, drinks, rent, tickets, and so much more with Hydro Pay plus it's the first no crypto payments app. If you compare many crypto sites, they are charging pretty high commissions.

The initial Beta testers can get 10,000 free HYDRO after they download the app and make a transfer. I don't know if you but I will definitely go for it because I like Hydros and I see an enormous potential in this crypto.  I signed up to join the initial beta test: 

"Future Hydro Pay updates will add fiat onramp and offramp, followed by interest, loans, invoicing, B2B payments and so much more!" (Project Hydro Twitter)

8) Eobot (here I paid a small amount of 5 dollars)

You may ask yourself: Is it really worthy? Well, I get around 400 Bytecoins per month = 0.35 US dollars on June 8th, 2019. 

220 Bytecoins (BCN) come from Cloud Mining, 180 BCN from Faucet per month.

Let's do the math: How much is 1 Bytecoin? 1 Bytecoin (BCN) = USD0.00087. 

400 Bytecoins per month = 0.35 US dollars on May 8th, 2019. That's around 13 BCN a day = 1.1 cent.

7.3 Bytecoins come from cloud mining, 5.4 BCN from Faucet every 24 hours. The speed of cloud mining depends especially on BTC trend. In May the speed of hash rate was 50% more than today. 

Eobot was my first site, where I started to earn free cryptos.

I started with the famous faucet:


I earn aprox. 5 BCN every 24 hours. It's an investment of 1-2 minutes per day, type username, password and captcha.

As you can see you can calculate your mining payouts. That means it's 7 BCN per day in average. Some days you can earn more, some days you can earn less; it has to do a lot with the price BTC/USD or BCN/USD. I invested 5 dollars, the investment was for 10 year period. Bytecoin has been rising in the last months, over 65% from the beginning of the year, as I wrote in my previous article:

Besides that on:, you can exchange different cryptos, the only disadvantage might be higher commissions than in other sites. But you can withdraw at any time your cryptos and send to other exchanges, where you have more variety of cryptos, such as on:

9) Summary of average daily income in cryptos:

Presearch: 8 PRE

Brave: 0.5 BAT

Publish0x: 0.45 DAI

Uptrennd: 25 1UP tokens

Pivot One: 25 PVT tokens

Eobot: 5 Bytecoins – Faucet income, 7 Bytecoin = Cloud Mining

Dollar Income changes day by day, it depends on each crypto value vs USD. Today this value is USD 1.30. I estimate a sharp increase in most of the values of these crypto for the second part of the year. Per year this income can make up to USD 400 considering today’s exchange rates, which can be for me a small vacation in a 4 star hotel at the beach for 2 nights, if you get a promotion perhaps for 3 nights. That’s my target for this year because I really crave for some vacations, plus I deserve it together with my fiancé.

If you trade these cryptos, if you are a master in affiliation, if you are persistent; your crypto portfolio may rise much faster. You are the one who puts the limits to yourself.

Which crypto site do you recommend me to affiliate? I expect your answers, recommend me something because I am always looking for new profitable options.





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