Earning extra cryptos for crypto referrals in Hydro, BNTY, PRE and BAT

A lot of people don't pay enough attention to referral programs. I didn't at first, but let me tell you I was wrong.

Why is this happening?

Probably the explanation may come from traditional multilevel marketing where referrals are tied up to a lot of conditions and lot of people quit. When you affiliate people in nutritional companies, the referral payout depends on the consumption of the referred person. Sometimes when a determined consumption isn't reached, you get paid less than what you thought.

But how about free crypto referral programs?

The main advantage is that the referred people don't have to pay here for anything. They earn cryptos by:

1) On Publish0x, when you refer a friend or another person, 5% of the tips they have collected comes for free to you.

When people sign up on:  


They  get benefits of Publish0x Ambassador's program, which are as follow:

  • Earn 5% of every tip claimed by the audience you bring in.
  • Access to paid/bountied articles first.
  • Free featured article placements

Today I came across with the Referral Section on Publish0x and I was surprised when I saw this:


I really didn't expect it. 4 people who got affiliated, wow.  13.56 Hydro, 0.26 BNTY - well you may say it's not much 2 cents of dollar but for me it's a new beginning. That also means that those 4 people generated 270 Hydro per tips by reading or publishing articles. Imagine that one day a great author gets affiliated under your link and he generates 10,000 Hydros every week - that would be 500 Hydros for you. This can happen. I wish it happens to me soon.

2) On Presearch, you get 25 tokens 2 months later.

The concept of Presearch is that you get paid when you enter key words on Presearch extension which is linked to any browser you pick; it may be Google, Bing or Ecosia. I personally like Ecosia because for every search they promise to plant a tree. You can earn up  to 8 PRE every day, they pay 0.25 token per each search. So you can make up to 32 paid searches. Today it's USD 0.41 every day. This number changes every day. If you suscribe on https://www.presearch.org/signup?rid=89076, the person who signs up gets immediately 25 PRE tokens and you get them 2 months later credited to your account under the condition that the referral earns at least 100 PRE. PRE is kind of volatile crypto. Today 1 PRE is around 0.05 american dollar.

What is the risk of Presearch? For me, none. If you continue with traditional browsers such as Google, you don't get paid, that's the risk for you. You can withdraw this money when you earn 1000 eligible tokens. I noticed that people usually are excited about it, when I tell them about it. Today I was surprised when I saw my 4 referrals on Presearch.



3) Brave Rewards

When a person signs under this link: 


and downloads Brave search engine, you get paid 5 dollars converted in BAT after 1 month of the referral's use. You can also download the Brave on your mobile and it's considered as a referral commision. Another advantage is that under this program you can assign your youtube channel, Twitter or your website and people who visit this website from Brave can be tipping you. Brave also has launched paid advertising program where people get paid for watching ads, that's a much more fair advertising model because before people weren't paid for watching adds on traditional browsers. So you have several ways how to earn money in this site.

I personally have been paid around 100 BAT. From Brave Rewards page your commissions are transferred to your Uphold wallet, where you can keep them or change them to other cryptos (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin Gold, Libra Credit, XRP, Litecoin and others), Dollars, Euros, Swiss Francs, British Pounds and other fiat currencies or Gold, Silver or Platinum. I like Uphold because its customer service is great, the only problem is a high commission. If you want to transfer cryptos, I recommend you to use XRP transfer where the commission is zero.

Brave as a search engine itself compared to others counts on being much faster, it doesn't allow cookies to make your PC slow and protects more your computer when navigating online.

For me the biggest advantage of crypto referral programs is that you get paid in crypto, which is increasing its value:

For example in January I got paid 5 dollars in 39 BAT, but today 39 BAT are about 15 dollars. That is 200% more thanks to the rising value of Basic attention token. Presearch has been in flat trend in the last months, but it increased aprox. 100% comparing to January.

Talking about Hydro you can observe on Coingecko that it increased from its lows of USD 0.0013 to USD0.017 that's almost 30% more. You can observe every day in your tips that the conversion of Hydros to US dollars is constantly rising, which is a very good thing.

Residual income has another advantage, it's generated by a "team's work effort", so it means that you don't have to produce all this money by yourself.  Something that is essential, is to share your links on every article you write, even your Twitter Id, and keep on sharing these articles on other social media sites, Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Steemit and others. Because at any time, any hour a new person can become a referral for you and that means more money for you and also for the referrals.

If this system is fairly managed it can become a great tool for cryptosites' growth and another source of income for the cryptoholders.

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