Bravo Coin increased 320% in the last 30 days

Bravo Coin increased 320% in the last 30 days

Last two days, the crypto market didn’t have a good performance; so many coins went down - today we have a recovery to celebrate. However there were some cryptos who weren’t affected by the market turnmoil such as PRE, Hydro and Bravo Coin.

A lot of crypto news have focused on crypto market downturn, today I wanna do the opposite, focus on the good part, the uptrend of Bravo Coin.

I was doing my regular audit to see how much is my crypto worth in USD and I was checking my Bravo Coin App, jumped into Coingecko and checked the following data:

Bravo increased 29% in the last 7 days, 190% in the last 14 days, 320% during the last month. The last time I saw Bravo Coin quote, it was 0.02 USD, today it was 0.07 USD. I wish I had more Bravo coins, but I am just beginning with this crypto project.

I wrote an article about Bravo Coin 3 weeks ago. 

I’ve been using Bravo app when I go out; I used it for reviews of movies, hotels, restaurants basically. You can also curate (upvote or comment) the content of other guys of Bravo.

Maybe while I am stuck at the Doctor’s office waiting for my mother in law, or waiting to pay at the restaurant or being stuck in the traffic – I can write short reviews for the place which I have visited. Almost all of them are new virgin places of my beloved country to be added to this app. Even if I like certain place, I rate and grade them from 1 to 5 stars according to my visitor’s experience. Because let’s say if someone visited from other country I couldn’t recommend him certain hotel with 5 star review if I experienced certain difficulties in the service experience.

You can also perform your check in to the places, you’ve just visited. It’s very easy to use; it may resemble to Google’s Customer Reviews, but the difference here is that you can get paid. You can trade your Bravo at sistemcoin or Altilly (where our beloved 1UP token is being traded as well).

So far I performed 31 reviews. I am not Bravo Coin big holder, I have few coins but what I can tell so far is that it has worked out pretty well for me. Your voting power resembles to steem apps, when you upvote more people, your voting power is getting reduced; ATM my voting power is 73%.

If you refer a person you get 10 Bravo Coin, I think I got 1 referral last month. In case you are curious about this project you can join here

I will be reviewing more programs, what I can tell you is that I am focused in these programs where I earn free cryptos. These topics I will be covering in the next weeks: Uptrennd, Brave Rewards, Electroneum, Publish0x, Presearch, Steemleo.

So you get crypto here and crypto there. What I like about the diversification of these cryptos is that even if there is a strong bearish movement, some of these projects turned out the rescuers of my crypto wealth such as: Bravo Coin and Presearch. And I shouldn’t forget to mention our Uptrennd, where every day we can earn some of the coins as well.

So I dedicated to this project around 45 minutes a week, and see every day some new Bravo Coins.

When I was analyzing the trend, I realized that the coin increased pretty much from 0.025 USD at the beginning of December to 0.07 USD on December 10th. In the last 7 shaky days of crypto market, the coin got locked in the sideway trend between 0.06 USD to 0.08 USD (except Thursday 12th, where there was a little plunge to 0.047 USD). So that was a really nice performance for this project.

I would like to point out that I don’t pretend to give any financial advices because of the crypto’s market volatility; before any investment you have to be convinced about the project fundamentals and perform at least a basic Technical Analysis – so you jump in the right purchasing point. But in this project, you don’t have to invest anything, you just subscribe and write your reviews where you express your opinion, insight or criticism towards the object you are reviewing.

Bravo Coin, go go go! I enjoy your app big time, it’s nice to see new place being added to your global outreach of independent reviews.


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Amazing world of cryptos

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