Parents' rights and obligations

By Alther | Alther | 26 Nov 2021

What are rights, and what are obligations? In the world of parenting, is it correct to put me in its place? The place in between where the rights of oneself and other-self are for the family, and place obligations on myself and obligations for the family.

Ordinary, always spoken, often seen, and also often judged and judged. Between the language conditions of rights and obligations. Is it true that this self has done or is trying to put everything in its place, according to its condition, or according to the circumstances that are lived and faced?

Assessing and reflecting on myself, it turns out that there are still many things that need to be addressed and adjusted. Even though it has been going on for a long time and continues, in reality, it is still frequently put in the wrong place and sometimes even confused which one is right and which one is obligatory.

Indeed, a parent fully holds the concept of leading and setting a good example. But is it true that all have been carried out with the right rights and obligations?

Sometimes feelings will arise playing different roles talking about rights and obligations which in the end will make everything out of line. Even though in a good corridor, if in a bad corridor, of course, there are no longer rights and obligations, but it violates the concept of rights and obligations.

In terms of earning a living, protecting, leading, guarding, educating, setting an example, teaching, and other things that are needed by the family at its core. Their rights must have been absolute, and their obligations were imposed as soon as they were born. It has different connotations, however, but the rights and obligations obtained must of course be in accordance with the corridor. And for myself too.

Easy but hard, it turns out. Ordinary, but to be unusual is not it. Even wanting to explain may only be explained in words, whereas in reality, it will be difficult to compare it with words.

At the beginning of starting to write, there was actually a lot that wanted to be poured about the rights and obligations as parents in the world of parenting, especially for families outside the corridor of rights and obligations between other humans in general. But it turns out that after starting, I can't find the right words to describe in the end. Because if it is studied more deeply and it is more meaningful, there are many conflicting things that have been done to this self, talking about rights and obligations.

Do for self what else for the whole family. The language of fair and unfair is the language that comes out and a lot of injustice is felt for them, my family, especially what I have done, have not fulfilled any of the rights and obligations they have received so far. For the self can only complain and argue unilaterally without realizing and knowing their true feelings.

There is an expression from the heart of love. Is it true love? Back to the heart and lust that played and played. Are things and obligations based on the heart and lust? Though logically not, but why does it always happen. Attitudes and understanding are finally present in the choir of things and obligations, which lead to headaches to think about or find the true meaning of calculations.

Can only laugh and smile a little in my dizzy, looking for answers for myself. What exactly has been done for the language of rights and obligations for my own family. These two words exist and exist for learning and reminders of myself as a human being in general and for my family in particular. As for myself, the decision comes back to me.


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