Just a Poetry, Mr

By Alther | Alther | 25 Feb 2022

Introduce, I am human just like Mr. Friends with bad and good views are also accustomed to living the bitter and sweet life that must be lived. My son, sir... needs milk. Even a drop of water is okay if there is no milk. The most important thing is to quench their thirst, as long as you don't offer them a drink that makes them "drunk", even if it's just a drop I really hope we don't want it.

Don't get me wrong, this is not an expression for the word begging nor is it too poetic. This is an illustration so that Mr wants to think logically that it is not only us, there are many who are the same as this and in fact, it is more difficult to live life than what is described as an expression.

If you are confused Mr. The question is why are you confused? Life, Mr, has it all. From where the cause of confusion should stop. The cloudy sky for us remains a shade, a blessing. The sky is cloudy for Mr why regret. I can't find the slightest bit. Isn't it basically the same to walk through life, to the end to meet "God".

Mr, Mr, and all Mr. How are you guys? We hope well. Mr, don't be too presumptuous about our situation and our fate. We can still sleep soundly in the blankets at night when sleepiness comes. And we still feel gratitude for what has been given.

Mr, where are you going and where are you? our calendar still points to "2022". Meanwhile, Mr's calendar has pointed to 2030.

Ah, how can you decide so boldly so far ahead to 2030? Sorry Mr, We may not really understand what wealth really is. All we know is that we are staying at home, joking and thinking hard about what kind of tomorrow we will face. Isn't it said that the world is in a pandemic and is very restless accompanied by a variety of craziness! ... Who knows. War..., even more chaotic. 2030 will it really get there at the given age?

Under the moonlight night, not day because it's the moon. We chatted, asked questions, and sometimes prayed. Can Mr properly sleep like we are? Can fall asleep with the burden of life thoughts to be able to accept the existence of the life that is lived without thinking about the fear of loss, destruction, or betrayal.

The bad view of people is the truth of other people's honesty about what they see to us, but the good of people's views of you are shrouded in hypocrisy that is displayed. It hurts for us but it's real so we know, happy and proud for Mr. it's sad because it's just a fake.

In the last section, there is only a conclusion, for Mr, Mr, and all Mr. If you are offended by the content expressed in a series of factual writings, the implicit return is why are you offended? Why do you feel? Why did you get emotional?

Who are you, and how do you feel, cornered and offended. This is not persecution, and this is not mere satire. This is just an expression of the real-life that has occurred in the corridor that has occurred due to the actions and actions of Mr, Mr, and all Mr.

Too provoking, and judging by what is being metaphorized. No, this is not a good move either. If I think about it, it's the same as Mr. Maybe it should be introspective, for what, who and not comedy, why, where, everything that happened has happened. And who hasn't, hopefully, nothing bad will happen to Mr and everyone. Don't take it too seriously, let alone be taken to death. This is just a poem, a poem wrapped in anxiety to remember the word death. Basically, we are all the same.


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