Crypto or Stocks

By Alther | Alther | 23 Oct 2022

Investment or passive income is a common thing for people who are looking for ways to increase income in their lives. The language of business was created so that it gave birth to the world's top businessmen. Without exception, every moment or opportunity is looking for a target for business people to increase their coffers of money.


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Stocks are one of the investment models that were born in today's modern world. However, jumping in and playing in the world of stocks is not as easy as an ordinary investment can be done by ordinary people. Maybe it can be said that only some people can choose Stocks as their investment. Along with the development of the era, of course, there will be a convenience for the existence of procedures to be able to participate in playing stocks in the end. Where in the beginning only certain people could follow it, it is now wider and more open, even for ordinary people to follow.
But on the other hand, talking about the progress of the times regarding investment formation, the existence of Crypto Currency was also born which turned out to be a new prima donna for most people in the end. The presence of crypto turned out to be faster than the stock world. Where the ease of the conditions of freedom that are carried makes it easier for each individual to choose crypto as their investment choice.

Then between stocks and crypto which is better and more profitable if we look at the formation and performance of the existence of the two options in the context of investing?

At first glance, it looks similar but in reality, it is not the same. It could even be said to be very different. If it was chosen by me personally I would say Crypto is better than Stocks. What is the reason I choose crypto as a better investment than crypto? What is certain is the ease, timeframe, and problem of freedom of value acquisition to follow the formation of investments between cryptocurrencies and stocks.

Crypto provides more security than stocks in terms of investment value. Despite the context, crypto has issues regarding its volatility. But these shortcomings become a visible characteristic of the language of investing compared to stocks.

Not to mention the dependence on the problem of economic conditions and other formations related to each type of our choice in investing, especially what is discussed this time between stocks and crypto. But again, crypto can be released from the influence of current or volatile economic conditions. Because the formation of crypto is one of the forms of creation of dissatisfaction from the problems that arise from the current economic system, while stocks are born from the economic condition itself.
If at this time it is said that crypto is also affected by the problem of global economic conditions. Naturally, because the economic conditions will influence and influence, and from this, it can be seen that the real cause and effect of the problem is present. But again, even if crypto is affected, it cannot be denied that it can be an alternative choice for economic problems that occur and it is definitely not due to the presence of the global crypto economy currently experiencing such a big problem.

Even though crypto is in a bad phase at the moment, it provides a lot of gaps and a new life for some people who are undergoing this severe economic condition. So much of the contribution made by crypto goes according to its main value of improving the economy of every individual in the world.

So if we conclude, it means that for me crypto is an option over stocks. But for those who have different views it is also a natural thing and certainly cannot be blamed. Because when discussing investment issues it is the right of each individual who is involved in it. This is where the real language of freedom we must uphold is not to impose or judge everything we see as right and others are wrong. Because it could be the opposite. And don't worry if there is an error in the meaning of my writing, the purpose is just writing in essence.

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