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By Alther | Alther | 31 Mar 2022

Why did I become a Crypto lover? This question reappeared on my monitor screen today, after a few moments of stunned silence. "Why did I become a crypto lover?" this is like a question full of asking myself, it feels like someone who has just fallen in love is then asked "why did you fall in love? why not become an employee for example?"


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Crypto lover is choice

Really? Life is a choice, that's my first explanation. Maybe that's how it is with the word crypto lover is my choice, the choice of the many available today to my mind thoughts into a string of words. This reason is also what made me immersed in this world when I first met "crypto" for the first time a few years ago. At that time, I saw how interesting the existence of crypto was at that time in my opinion.

Because I love crypto

There is a saying, if you don't know, you don't love. I think this saying is true because after getting to know crypto, I finally like falling in love with crypto. In the early days of knowing crypto, I made every effort to approach crypto, almost every day in my spare time looking for crypto issues. Of course, I have a lot to learn about this and don't think there's enough free time to study it? I love and am interested in this crypto, I sometimes even forget to do what I should be working on at that time.

Crypto trains creativity

Yes, crypto trains my creativity. Finally made me want to learn the basics about all things related to crypto. Whether as a search for earning income, mining, trading, or investing. And if I think about it until now, being crypto lovers "forces" me to keep looking for new ideas for my writing (like now). How to summarize some news into a post that can be checked for truth and also how to discuss the contents of the mind so that it appears in the form of sentences. I sometimes even liken crypto to a local daily who is chasing a deadline to immediately publish a story or other thing where I am as the author, this is what I usually do to re-increase the content of crypto which I little by little set aside to invest. At least thanks to crypto, the willingness to write is more motivated.

Crypto teaches a lot

The internet is like a very wide area and in that wide area, I have found a village called "Crypto". That's where I learned many things because every citizen in a different country in the world has their own story, those who live far from my country also have those who tell stories about what they want to tell, every day there is always something to tell, I don't know. It's a perfunctory story, to constructive advice, how to make important decisions to get out of their comfort zone, how they work or stories about their experiences with crypto itself, crypto lovers who teach the simplicity of life, and many other inspirational stories that are presented endlessly from the existence of crypto to date. Isn't "experience a very valuable teacher?" including the experiences of others? It was from their experiences that I got to know many things that I never knew before, it was from their stories in crypto that I learned a lot about how to make sense of life, and how to achieve or achieve success in the crypto world.

Crypto makes a new world

Being a crypto lover, it doesn't feel complete if you just post an article. There is a hereditary tradition called "travel and friendship" that a crypto lover must live by. Travel and friendship or in the real world we call introductions is an activity where a crypto lover visits someone else's crypto to respond to that person's post. This usually takes place reciprocally where the person visited will visit back. This journey and friendship are not mandatory, but for a crypto lover because that is where we will get to know each other with other crypto lovers. This journey and friendship is not only at the introduction stage, but can also be shared by sharing information, knowledge, and a sense of togetherness where the crypto lovers sometimes feel like meeting face to face in the real world and have known each other for a long time.

Bottom line, being a crypto lover is one of the greatest things in my life. It doesn't matter even though the onslaught of social networks is mushrooming right now, but it seems that nothing can replace crypto's position as my medium for distributing information. That's the "answer" to the question "Why".

Good luck, fellow crypto lovers.


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