By Alther | Alther | 6 May 2022

Humans in general like something that is easy, not complicated, and even less gives us a headache. If asked why this is so, the most likely clear answer that can be gathered is because life is already so complicated and contains various problems. So one of the most sought-after is convenience, tranquility, and comfort.



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Many things that have been created or created by humans to date exist to fulfill the word convenience. Because simplifying things will result in more productive things and a less time-consuming existence. There are pluses and minuses, of course, that's for sure and I often say about the living conditions of the world where there will always be positive and negative words. But at least something easy is expected to solve something that was previously so complicated.

Moreover, with the support of all the inventions that continue to take place according to the times, creating many things that were previously impossible or complicated are now very easy and common to find. The progress of the times certainly gives the answer, and the progress of the times also reveals a lot about the existence of mistakes and lies that were created in the past.

On the other hand, complicated words are not liked by most people, in fact, there are individuals who like them. For them, complexity is a challenge in life or a process that will create better results in their eyes. So they are usually more accustomed to complicated conditions, and more able to deal with changes in each era.

Looking at the current conditions, where everything has facilitated human existence in all aspects, it can indeed be said to have an impact that is incredibly easy and so advanced in the times. But one thing that cannot be denied is unpreparedness to face difficult conditions. More prone to despair, narrow-mindedness, difficulty in socializing, individualism, and giving up easily. Another thing that can be taken apart from the condition of getting used to the ease is the creation of a very bad condition for the life of the person concerned. Lazy conditions are conditions that can be embedded in every aspect of the habit of conditions of convenience.

If you look at the conditions of the times, so many things have been created to facilitate the existence of fulfilling human life. Very far from the previous era, but the funny thing is that things that have been made easy are still there who think it is something complicated. One of the things that can be taken as an example is the existence of crypto and why it was created. From all aspects, if taken crypto provides many opportunities and benefits for users. But unfortunately, there are still many who say it is difficult and complicated to understand crypto. Though it is more complicated to think about the existence of human desires.

So it is very clear how true the old saying goes, "It is more difficult for a person who does not want to solve a problem than a person who is used to solving a problem." Not because of the level of education or level of financial ability of a person. But because of a strong desire for the word "want" in everything he has worked for.

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