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By Alther | Alther | 5 Mar 2022

Usually, self-actualization shows extraordinary achievements in life. But as time goes on, we can feel that even small things can become extraordinary achievements for every human being. So many simple things can be a means of self-actualization. And make a sign that we still love ourselves. Can appreciate every little process that goes through. Many simple things we can make as a challenge or a reminder as a means for self-actualization.

As humans, complaining is something that we often do without realizing it. But from this small thing, even if it is only a complaint from the heart if taken on the side of goodness, it will remind us of the existence of gratitude. When we complain about the situation, we are shown or met with something in front of our eyes that there are other people's lives that are more difficult than ours.

So that it allows us to let go of the complaints that are created to become a sense of gratitude for the existence that has been given by God. On the other hand, it will even bring shame. Yes, shame. Shame on God for complaining and forgetting that the reality is that there are other people's lives that are much more difficult than what we complain about.




Image by Ylanite Koppens from Pixabay 


Indeed, sometimes, each of us humans is faced with such conditions, and we cannot possibly deny it. Because otherwise, we will only focus on the problems we feel lack, will only forget many other things that actually only make us uncomfortable and sad to the point of forgetting how much more good things we should actually be grateful for. Interpreting all the many failures experienced into self-actualization to be more inclined to be grateful, try, and accept the circumstances that have occurred.

And although only a small number, this is the most amazing ability that God has given to humans. Consciousness.

From consciousness, we can adapt, adapt to ourselves, the environment, and other living things. So that as living beings we can be said to survive, continue life and live until the time that has been determined. Where there is a new beginning of the story, that's where the adaptation will immediately begin. We still have a long way to go or we have a little time left, we will still go through. Hopefully, you will be given the space to continue to accept and take every meaning as a guide in the process of life.

In this life, there will certainly be a sense of disappointment to see and feel what is in front of the eyes that is not in accordance with the wishes of the heart. There is a feeling of suffocation when thinking about what is expected to disappoint us. But that is not an endpoint. And as long as the endpoint is not yet real, don't ever give up hope to keep trying and reminding. If sweet dreams don't become the endpoint, don't be sad now, let alone drown in sadness, because it's just something that's been delayed. There will definitely be something, someone, somewhere, a story, a life story that is much more beautiful in the end.


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