A Wound and Hate

By Alther | Alther | 30 Oct 2021

During the difficult times, sure thing, every journey is a bitter word in life. And the bitter taste that is felt will certainly become a whip and nicks of experience, as well as memories and memories of words that do not want to be repeated.

The time of being betrayed, dumped, or ignored by existence becomes a record of an illustration of the presence of the word revenge or heartache. And all the misery becomes a wound that is cut as if it left a scar. Slice after slash that felt painful and more painful as if dripped by a stream of vinegar that was deliberately dripped by people who had no heart.

Then when that time has disappeared and changed to beauty and peace. Wounds that previously had no scars seemed to disappear and created thousands of grudges shouldn't exist. It unfolded and slowly began to reveal its scars. Why?

When people who don't have hearts like they have no shame and have thousands of masks in front of them come over. Forgetting or not being aware of the attitude you used to do? Like two-faced, like a swarm of ants that come where there is the sweetness of sugar.

The curses that used to be spoken turned into puja and praise. The arrogance that used to be common has now turned into self-deprecation without shame in taking away his self-esteem. Is all this just because of money, luxury, or the sheer glitter of the world? Sometimes the mind says why humans like this were created? Lazy, petty, egoist, and don't care about the existence of other people...



Image by LeoNeoBoy from Pixabay 


The pain returns, peace turns to hatred, gratitude turns to revenge. True trials are all tests. But why should such a person be present in the exam?

Remembering his treatment of his attitude towards his mother, he wanted to scream to say the words were avenged for all his attitudes first. However, it cannot be spoken and is only created in the expression of a mere heart. Remembering when his mother was sick, she suffered from her actions. I want to say how my mother felt at that time. Oh God, if you're not afraid of your existence, I've already said the words of the punishment karma felt by him. Remember the time when they were still moving here and there, looking for a place to rest day after day. Uncertain direction, not sure filled or not on that day. Not compassion, concern, or hope, a place of shade from the heat and heat of the day.

Where were they then? Why berate? Why advise? Why look away? Where's the shame? Where's the mind? Where and where?

God, please forgive me. Forgive me for the anger and resentment that is raging within me right now. Forgive me for not being able to forgive until now. This is a sign of how weak I am and only a servant. Relieve, eliminate, wash with all patience and sincerity the steps of life's journey towards the path that You are pleased with.

For the true really tired of not being able to hold emotions inside without being able to say it and it's only written in a sheet of notes that is revealed and read by other people. Just can say sorry and forgive.

Yes, this is wrong about the attitude of pouring in words, Yes, Still don't want to hurt, hopefully, Trying to be liberated through the flow of word for word. A mistake can not be forgotten and is still stored. And the mistake is not being able to forgive because the memory of my mother's pain still lingers in my memory. Forgive me for unknowingly following in his footsteps without realizing it myself. If not forgiven, wouldn't that create a reflection of the self-similarity of such a person!


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