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StartEngine Raises That Intrigue Us - February 2023

This is NOT investment advice.  Investing in startups is risky whether it is via StartEngine or any of the other platforms.  Liquidity may or may not be an option for an extended period of time. 

Let's see if we can toss out a few names on a monthly basis for people to debate and evaluate and see if this is useful. 

Here's a few that caught our attention based on seeking a potential "bet a little, win a lot" approach where we seek potential "winner takes all or most" outcomes.  We tend to focus on those and avoid battles with low barriers to entry UNLESS the firm is simply executing at a very high level and clearly advancing to a few different potential exits. 

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Ok, let's dive in:


Here's the description from the firm itself:  We are a technology company reshaping the private sector weather industry, helping the world better understand and manage the enormous impact of weather. We deliver more accurate weather information, leveraging a growing proprietary dataset and industry-leading AI-driven modeling. The result is better decision-making and significant cost savings for our customers. As the climate changes and the impact of weather increases, the value of our service - and its importance to the planet - is growing larger.

- not a pie in the sky dream, over $25 Million in revenue lifetime. 

- revenue and customer growth and verticals ramping nicely

- private firms rake in about $10 Billion/year doing what this firm can do much more effectively


Here is the firm's description:  Calibre® is on a mission to democratize access to respiratory and metabolic data. By revolutionizing breath measurement through our affordable, ultralight wearable device, we believe we can make respiratory data available to millions with applications for fitness training, wellness, and eventually a wide variety of medical uses. Our product has recently been launched and is now shipping to customers.

- earlier and more speculative in our view


- tackling the robotics market with a hand entry that is gaining momentum in orders and revenue

- fragmented space where capturing huge share in the hand segment entirely plausible given poor options out now

- bigger play is robotics in general


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