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Bitcoin Allocation Beast A Stone Gathering Speed Rolling Downhill?

By davidgyoung | Alternative Investing | 25 Apr 2024

Maybe grab a little piece just in case?

Well, that's what Mass Mutual did and they are the oldest firm in America in the most boring and "lets' watch paint dry" space possible - insurance.

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Bitcoin Loyalty Rewards

This came out a few days ago:

japanese pensions investing in bitcoin

This is not a guarantee that it will happen, but lawmakers earlier in the year in Japan did put under consideration legislation that would make it legal and plausible for this to happen.  We shall see.  That's not the point though.

The point is the math here.  ETFs are live.  ETFs in Hong Kong will be live within days, and more countries will jump aboard as well.  We have covered in the past data on how the HODLers, if you will, are not only not budging but digging in even deeper


Allocation is a serious issue given the lack of supply, recent halving, and all the other momentum in the space.  Market forces of price and volume among other factors will sort it out, but it is very natural to ask "where will all the Bitcoin come from?"  (note how often the status quo tries to "shake the trees" to get extra coins to fall out)

Pension funds, and ETFs to some extent, can put in effect an auto bid under the exchange rate of Bitcoin at all timesWhen institutions allocate, this is AFTER extensive and exhaustive research and testing and it is typically not done with short or intermediate term intentions.

There's more.  What about rewards?  The use of Bitcoin Loyalty Rewards via credit cards, games, and other methods is also a market force that can put a constant bid under BTC.  If ecosystem players are handing out Bitcoin rewards, then they need to also have Bitcoin on hand or available via purchase. 

Maybe Mass Mutual was on to something.

Mass Mutual, a 173 year old insurance company, already started stacking Bitcoin back in 2020.  Here is the link from Bloomberg:

Mass Mutual and Bitcoin

Perhaps a glimpse of the future back in 2020, but nonetheless another example of an early adopter maybe just partially taking the "in case it catches on" approach.  This directly aligns with a trend towards allocation.  In case it really catches on, why not grab at least a little.

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