SwapSpaceExplained: Pros and Cons
SwapSpaceExplained: Pros and Cons

SwapSpaceExplained: Pros and Cons

By Altermail | Altermail | 25 Jul 2021


SwapSpaceExplained: Pros and Cons

In general, a cryptocurrency exchange is a platform that allows customers to trade different currencies for other assets. Nowadays, when more and more cryptocurrency exchange platforms appear, finding the most suitable one for yourself is crucial. One way is to analyze the platform’s mission, work, transparency, or pros and cons. Altermail learned from the SwapSpace website that they position themselves to save time to “scrap” through all crypto exchanges and act as an aggregator. That’s great to save time, but what are the other pros and cons of SwapSpace?

One of the pros is user experience because SwapSpace offers a  “how it works” page that includes a detailed step-by-step exchange process.

Moreover, users can fully understand the wallet address, recipient’s address, or minimum/maximum exchange amount. A site visitor can watch a video tutorial on how to do the exchange on the platform that always comes in handy.

The second SwapSpace advantage is the functionality of the well-designed website.

Users can get to know the platform by reading well-prepared and understandably written information, which adds quality to the content. Plus, it wouldn’t be enough for a cryptocurrency exchange platform with a website – engagement on all the social media platforms is necessary, and Swap Space’s united style on all the social media platforms shows how much they are buckling down.

However, privacy policy & security have multiple cons.

When our team reviewed the policy, be aware that the portal shares data with 3rd parties (not mentioned). It is general overall, similar to any standard site. 

The biggest con is that the data storage and transfer can happen to countries where data protection laws like GDPR in Europe are not as strong. It means your data might fly out to less regulated countries on data protection.

When we look at the Swapspace security, we could not identify the data security approaches used, what kind of security layers are in place, if there is encryption, archive, and where data is located. 

In addition, it is essential to add that for a platform that can allow customers to surf through all crypto exchanges just in one place, a lack of a mobile version is a minus. However, the Swapspace team has it in the roadmap to develop the mobile version. Fundamental note: nowadays, there are no excuses. Your business must look great and work well on mobile. Time spent on mobile devices is only growing, and having your customer just one click away is the best benefit that a company can get. 



Enough talk! The only proven method is to try out it by yourself. 
Use this referral link to get started: https://swapspace.co?ref=2790ba6149a94da1bd7da011

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