ETH is facing a very strong resistant (Update)

By NPH | Altcoins to watch out | 12 Sep 2019

ETH is facing a very strong resistance (UPDATE)

In this article i will update the ETH movement in near future.

As the previous analysis, I saw that ETH is facing a very strong resistance @ 182$. This pair is still trading below the MA100. But for now, for the short term, about 30%,  ETH can break the resistance @ 182 and may test its next resistance @200$. 70% will retest its support @ 165$.

Please take precautions before trading this pair.



As my previous T.A on ETH/USDT, it is not easy for this pair to break the downtrend line at 181.22$, now it is going to test it's main support at 165$.

Trend: Downtrend.

Case 1: if this pair break the downtrend line and the MA100 (181.22$) and close above this resistant 1 then we can consider it is in an uptrend.

- Place a Long position at [email protected] for the Target 1 at 201$, Target 2 at 217&, Target 3 at 233$

- Stoploss at 177$. It is very good R:R

Case 2: Wait until it tests Support 1 @ 165$. Place a Long order at this point for the Big move later.

- Remember to Stoploss 100% at 160$

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Altcoins to watch out

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