4.5M Tether was moved out of Tether Treasury

By NPH | Altcoins to watch out | 6 Sep 2019

Only after some days when 7M tether was move out of the Tether Treasury,  Another 4.5M USDT was moved to Huobi yesterdat (5/9).

4.5 triệu USDT vừa được chuyển ra khỏi kho dự trữ Tether

Although, the last move was to unknown wallet but this time we know it was moved to huobi via one tweet @whale_alert.


Whale [email protected]_alert    

4,995,000 #USDT (4,986,343 USD) transferred from Tether Treasury to #Huobi

Tx: https://whale-alert.io/transaction/ethereum/af4547a047173cf949bdeb4be4493a72ec58bb937ca4fff0ca6bbd04124ca40a …

50 20:36 - 5 thg 9, 2019  @olesil_dusoir9, a tweeter user beleived that these Tether will be used to pump BTC.


Soleil Du [email protected]_dusoir9 Another 5M USDT printed   https://twitter.com/whale_alert/status/1169605214279782400 … Whale [email protected]_alert  

4,995,000 #USDT (4,986,343 USD) transferred from Tether Treasury to #Huobi

Tx: https://whale-alert.io/transaction/ethereum/af4547a047173cf949bdeb4be4493a72ec58bb937ca4fff0ca6bbd04124ca40a...

23:27 - 5 thg 9, 2019

  His belief comes out because USDT is a stable coin with very high trading volume against Bitcoin and these two assets seem to have a good relationship.

However, all is just prediction but people believe that Tether is used to manipulate price of Bitcoin because the 30 day moving average Price Chart of Bitcoin and Tether is the almost same.

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Altcoins to watch out

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