VaporChain - Vapor Dex & Bridge (Formerly Vapor Nodes!)

By Walooploop | AltCoin Alley | 28 Sep 2022


Perhaps the last node standing. After the death of node after node project, Vapor Nodes on Avalanche Network remains one of the few successful projects that has effectively pivoted into a new lane with many innovative ideas. 

The node project has pivoted in its newest release to release Vapor Dex


Vapor Dex is presently in Beta and only available to Node Holders - however, it will be released to the public soon. From experience, the time ships promises at a reasonable delivery rate.

This isn't a typical "cut and paste" Dex that has seen as many deaths as the node craze. 

Vapor Nodes distinguishes itself in a unique way - treating its node holders like Venture Capitalists and providing payouts based upon total activity of the chain

Soon, you will not be able to purchase any new nodes and they will release an NFT market to purchase Vapor Nodes (from present holders that wish to sell)

- You can stake VPND to earn $USDC or $VAPE

-  Node holders receive a percentage of fees generated by all of the activity on VaporChain (NFTS, Trades, Bridges, and more) paid in $USDC

- Active Ethereum Bridge - Tests of the bridge so far indicate that it is a reliable and cheap alternative to present options. 

- Node holders are also incentivized to utilize the DEX for trades and receive discounts 


Ps: This is not financial advice and I was not paid to endorse Vape. I am just amazed that they seem to be the one project that stayed solid, kept building and survived all of ze bearz. 





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