MTV - MultiVac - Boom or Bust?

By Walooploop | AltCoin Alley | 27 Apr 2021

MultiVac is a blockchain platform based upon sharding that aims for integration with large scale decentralized applications. 

In addition to usual blockchain technology the sharding technology on MTV is utilized for transmission AND storage.

Presently, projects that utilize sharding are looking to solve a large issue facing the overall scalability of cryptocurrency (think the congestion causing high gas fees on Ethereum)

While there are many projects looking to compete in this niche, MTV does so very well and positions themselves to be a project of interest.

As Bitcoin slowly recovers it's possible that it pulls projects like MTV back towards their all time highs prior to the large liquidations. 

With a very professional and aesthetically pleasing website,  

and well thought out product explanations I find myself being drawn to continue researching and understanding this project at a greater level.


MTV has a Market Cap of $29,055,139

Circulating Supply of 3,587,369,426

Total Supply of 8,000,000,000

Max Supply of 10,000,000,000

Despite having a market cap of only $29 Million - MTV finds themselves with a high daily volume $2,339,545 and this produces a recipe for high volatility and large waves up and down.


Personally, I will continue to watch MTV and ride the ebb and flow of this intriguing project.


The purpose of this blog is educational - and is not financial advice. Please, do your own research and validate projects that excite you.





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