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By andreaskanel | Altcoin Adventures | 5 Nov 2019


In this topic we are going to talk about the TOP 3 undervalued coins for 2020 which are coins with good fundamentals and strong team behind them. They are altcoins which are at least 50% down on that 200-days Moving Average (MA)a very important indicator.


The DENT project is maybe the most undervalued and for sure the most risk-reward for our list, at the moment traded in Binance in 3 Sats.

The good news are in the last months, DENT went from 0 to 8.1M total users and 5.5 million monthly active users. For those that don’t know the use of DENT, DENT is a telco blockchain project that all the major Telcos in 40 countries sell their leftover data to at the end of each month, as they wouldn’t be able to use it.




DENT also announced “ Afterburner program”  will delivered by the end of October. At the moment they failed to deliver on time but I think that the problem was because the apple store causes some problems. My opinion is that the next weeks they will release this future that will be very important for the project and for the price




Is DENT undervalued and worth?

Considering that the ATH against BTC was at 10 January of 2018 and was about 601 Sats the DENT project will be a very profitable investment for short term only if they deliver the “Afterburner program”


There are many people that believe that this project is dead however that is not true they make some updates in their roadmap and they add some features.

DNT is a decentralized network of autonomous marketplaces and communities powered by Ethereum and Aragon, which called districts. It is down 73% from the January with a little pump in March but overall is down. It has a really good use case and a good team behind so it would be a good choice since it is so undervalued at the moment.




Is DNT a good investment?

DNT is another risky choice traded at 0,006442 $ when the All Time High was at 7 January 2018 at 0.4009 $, but there is the potential for a massive spike and you could do a lot of profits from it.


Is the coin that the a lot of people hate it but there is a very strong and supported community behind which believes in the real potential of ADA. It is not so undervalued but in contrast with its rivals NEO and EOS it is more. Ada is decentralized and fully open source.


It is clear that less 2019 and more the 2020 will be the year of proof of stake (POS) coins. Cardano announced that will be add this future in the Q4 of 2019 but I believe they will be deliver at the first months of 2020. So add will run a POS system for their holders and plans to add smart contracts for activating decentralized applications.With above futures Cardano expects to increase scalability and it will be able to runs more than 10.000 transactions per second.


Is it good time to buy Cardano?

At the moment Cardano traded at 0,042949 $ and it very close to the prices when first launched however, this prices are not real Cardano should be traded around 0.1 $ and when the POS system released will follow a big pump. There a few coins that can reach the All Time High of the crazy winter of 2017-2018 and Cardano is one of that.


That's my pick for a good 3 coins with the potential to give you a lot of profits. However this is not a financial advice it is only my opinion, you should make you own research before buy a coin.

P.S. I would like to give me ideas for future topics.

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