Mass Adoption for BTC with Airbnb New Partnership

Mass Adoption for BTC with Airbnb New Partnership

By andreaskanel | Altcoin Adventures | 13 Nov 2019


Airbnb the most popular platform of short term stay accepting BTC payments through the partnership with Fold with cashback rewards for it’s users.

The are is no escaping the fact that every day we listen and another good news for Bitcoin’s future and adoption. At the moment all this great news does not impact Bitcoin price but it is a matter of time to start the climb in terms of price.




A little more about Fold


Fold is payment company wich has a platform with great partnerships like Uber, Starbucks, Amazon, Dunkin Donuts and rewards the users with Bitcoin. Before two months earned around $ 2.5 mln to extend the platform with a variety of fiat currency as a payment option.

Through this app users can with their credit card and a bitcoin address buy a lot of things from online stores. They can spend fiat and BTC and the fold app rewards them with a 3% cashback in Bitcoin.

At the moment this app is available on 5 countries (USA, U.K., Canada, Ireland and  Mexico) but they already have plans for the expansion on Europe.


Fold and Airbnb


So, the new partnership is between those two companies and every time a user of Fold App make a book through the App they will receive a 3% cashback for every night or experience on Airbnb.

You can see the Tweet of the Fold company:





Great news come every day for Bitcoin and Altcoins the adoption and general acceptance from the companies, the governments and the people are huge. The time has come and it is not a dream the fact that Bitcoin will be a mainstream way of payment like Paypal.  


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