Easiest Staking Coins for Profits 2019

Easiest Staking Coins for Profits 2019

By andreaskanel | Altcoin Adventures | 5 Nov 2019


There is no doubt that 2019 and 2020 are the years of Proof-of-Stake (PoS) system, many coins adopt this technology instead of traditional mining. In this topic we are going to analyze some safe and mainstream coins without risk, which are also easy to stake in platforms like Binance or in wallets.

   1) NEO


NEO at first was known as Antshares, is is a popular crypto and supports smart-contracts and has been referred to as the “Chinese Ethereum” as it provides similar characteristics like functionality, including support for DAPPS and ICOs.

Except of  the “NEO” there is another one crypto called “GAS,” which can be staked in Binance or in a Wallet. To receive the GAS you must hold your coins in a Wallet like NEO Wallet or Atomic Wallet or in an exchange like Binance.

Furthermore, it doesn’t require you to have your wallets open at all times like in other Proof-of-Stake (PoS) cryptos. The return one earns is in the form of NeoGAS and distributed on a monthly basis.


At the moment the NEO traded at 11,22$ with a pump like other Chinese coins before some days it has also All Time High the price of 162,11 $ at 30 January of 2018 and the GAS coin traded now at 1,58 $ and has All Time High the price of 77,98  $ at 16 January of 2018.

According to the Binance exchange the estimated annual yield is 1%-3% without minimum NEO holdings in order to participate.


   2) Komodo (KMD)


Komodo is a blockchain platform that main goal is to make it easy for users to build out their full-service solutions on blockchain. Komodo platform is trying to build an ecosystem and at the heart of all this is the (KMD) coin which can be staked.

Komodo, is a coin which came as a fork of Zcash and has similar code, in an attempt to create a more secure, private, decentralized blockchain network.

The staking can be in Binance exchange which pays you in Komodo coins every month or in some wallets that also pays you in Komodo Coin. Is another great project with good fundamentals, stable and easy to stake since you don’t have to do anything only hold (KMD).


At the moment Komodo Coin traded at 0,729616 $ and it is something like a sleeping giant it has also ATH at 11,44 $ on 23 of December 2017.

According to the Binance exchange the estimated annual yield is 5%-6% with minimum 1 KMD holding in order to participate.


   3) Ontology (ONT)



Ontology is another Chinese project which had a pump like others before some days. This project has been created by the Da Hongfei and Erik Zhang who are also the founders of the NEO project.

Ontology was created as a solution for businesses of all sizes to have blockchain technology within their company, without having to change all of their current systems.

It is another coin that you can stake it very easy and you don’t have to do anything else just hold them. Of course Binance wallet offers Ontology stake with monthly distributions but you can also use an offline wallet like Atomic Wallet.

The Ontology staking pays you in Ontology Gas token which is a coin in the Ontology chain.

At the moment Ontology traded at 0.908085 $ with a small recover after the Chinese Pump when the All Time High was at 10,08 $ on 4th of May 2018. And the Ontology Gas (ONG) traded at 0.153990 $ with ATH at 29 September of 2018 when reached 2,72 $

According to the Binance exchange the estimated annual yield is 3%-5% with minimum 0.1 ONT holding in order to participate.


  Thoughts On Staking

Staking coins is one of the best and simplest ways to earn passive income, also in contrast with the lock of coins in a specific amount of time with staking you are free to take it whenever you want. So I believe an 5% or 6 % yearly interest in your balance is very good without to do anything.


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