SEGA Says That Its NFTs Will "Almost Definitely" Involve Harm to Animals

By Crypto Alphabet | Alphabet News | 10 May 2021

Following concerns over energy consumption, SEGA says that its line of NFTs will rely on a renewable energy source: animals.

Going forward, transactions involving the cryptocurrency NFTs will be powered by woodland creatures locked in mining machines, according to project lead Dr. Charles "Ada-man" Rohosknik.


Rohosknik, who works for SEGA's South Island division, stated that the blockchain will be used to ensure that creatures are "unethically sourced."

He added that the project's underlying blockchain would be based on Cardano and powered by a novel token burning system called "proof-of-spike." In order to keep prices high, user cryptocurrency balances will be tied to medical insurance records, and anyone who suffers an injury will be forced to give up all but 20 of their RING tokens.


When asked if his plan had been met with any objections, Rohosnik went on to call himself the "greatest scientific genius in the world."

The unorthodox business model comes after a number of blockchain failures on SEGA's part. Last month, Casino Night Zone ported its software to the TRON blockchain and experienced a hack that drained its internal smart contract balance entirely.


The stolen tokens were quickly converted to Sonic NFTs and snapped up on the black market by an unnamed "whale investor."862f9eb8e34f0ef351cb401d4177346edfb6386b5794dc13c780137eee4e76bd.png


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