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October Earning Report: How I earned £726.45 in one month

By Justjonny25 | The Money Earner | 2 Nov 2021


I think October was the month of market research with some fantastic paying projects, these are always my favourite as you can do them in a short period of time, for really high paying rewards, but they have their frustrations.

October was also the month that we made a good start on our Lego Sales, KDP no content books journey has begun as well. Our usual methods surveys and user testing again were worth their time. But I think this month spent less time on surveys and more in the background of other things, so surveys dipped off a little bit, but tried to remain focused on the well-paying ones.


Surveys: £179.72

Vouchers: £50

Usertesting: £75.80

Market research £237.31

Cashback £47.75 (Profit)

Crypto £14.51

Referrals £20

Reselling: £85.29

KDP: £16.07


Surveys: £ 179.72


Populus: £100

A lovely solid month from Populus lots of surveys and some really high paying ones. (£6 for 10-15 minutes) A stonking month which is a big boost. Always stay focused on the sites that pay you the best

Sign up here

Lifepoints: £40.00

Half as much as last month but another very solid month from this excellent survey company should have another 1000 points incoming from a drinks study which will start off November well

Sign up here (no referral)

Panelbase £11.70

Decent month this month from panel base, the second account didn't have quite enough money to be redeemed.

The real beauty of panel base this month will be the extra studies that I have been able to sign up for, these online communities should pay quite handsomely next month.

Sign up here (no referral but you can start off with £3)

Pureprofile £20.00

Slow-burning Pure profile, but a survey company I tolerate as their payments are worthwhile for their time, we managed to hit £20. But this is not anywhere near as good as the other sites, but worth being in your money earning arsenal to top up the money

Sign up here (I will earn rewards the more surveys you complete)


We are 8 £5.78

Love this little app, you watch some videos in the form of short adverts, get paid 10-20p for your time for watching, and answer some short questions. As well as a further contribution being made towards charity.

Definitely recommend, not many videos and can take a while to get some payment, but well worth having on your phone

Sign up here

Random Study: £2.00

Citizen me £0.24


Voucher Surveys

MSR £30 Amazon voucher

This little survey app is not normally one of my favourites few surveys worthwhile, however, the last month I have signed up for a daily survey with them. Each day I tell them, what I watched on the telly for one and what I watched on the radio for another, I just put one show for each in answer few questions takes a couple of minutes and get 80 points worth about 60 pence a day. With a few bonus surveys as well I can get to £10 every 2 weeks.

Not sure how long it will keep up but definitely worth my time.

Download on the app store or google play and enter code Xjwz27cK to double your welcome bonus

I-say £10 amazon voucher

Slogged a bit more on I-say few decent surveys and managed a £10 amazon voucher, still, one of my most frustrating survey sites I think

TRP £5 amazon voucher

Another daily survey couple of minutes a day got to another £5 amazon voucher

Jupiter surveys £5 amazon voucher

Love this as well their surveys tend to involve watching an episode of a new show and answering some quick questions, which got to £5 again. Yeh I definitely watched the tv show I didn't mute it for 40 minutes and do my own stuff in the background mwahahah



Usertesting: £75.80

Very similar month to last month from user testing, more from user testing than the others again

Usertesting: £51.15

Lots of good surveys for user testing this month again, all only take 5 -10 minutes very worthwhile, frustrating that payment takes a while, but each month seems to get better and better, whether ratings are making an improvement. Or I have been more focused on searching them out.

Sign up here


Intellizoom: £21

Not as positive as previous months but still decent, had another not accepted from intellizoom and not sure why, but still happy with them

Sign up here

Userlytics: £3.65

Just the one small test, thought userlytics would be better than this bit disappointed


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Market research: £50.00


Market research was my saviour this month with just 3 studies that took about an hour each and another small tiny one from d scout

Angelfish: £80.00

The classic market research video call for an hour of my time, definitely worth signing up to and applying for the ones you are suitable for.

Dscout £97.31

Love Dscout, a bit different to other providers, as you apply in-app with selfie-style videos, meaning you do not have to wait for a phone call and try and catch it while you are at work.

Rare that I get accepted but so worth it when I do

Vocal views £60.00

Another site well worth trying out, easy payment, very simple and straightforward to do.

Cashback £47.75

Oh my dosh £37.75

I love oh my dosh, an excellent cashback website, got paid for a few profitable offers, couple of referrals and free cashback offers. So many ways to make money with Oh my dosh for free, check out my guide here

Sign up here

Love rewards £10

A new one this one, a get paid to website, often for signups, also you can make few pennies each day clicking on paid to emails and their daily bonus.

The only downside with this one is that they have moved the goalposts somewhat and now you have to complete a whole host of offers before you can redeem it was 5 which I completed. Now it is 20 which is such a slog.

Still worth a shot but going to consider this one a slow burner

Sign up here


Crypto: £17.48

Not a lot from crypto this month but still cannot complain! £8.75

Some lovely BitcoinCash, from reposting my blog on this platform, rewards a lot better this month. Have tried to improve my content, a long way to go but better formatting and content, in general, will hopefully pay rewards.

As always we HOLD the bitcoin cash, crypto I definitely believe in.


Follow me on as well for my latest money earning updates

Leo finance blog: £4.08

Few more pennies of LEO token to top up my portfolio

Publish ox  £0.68


Publish ox topping up the crypto balance as well.

Referrals: £20


Zilch £20

2 x £10 zilch referral bonus this month, really easy way to get some free spending money, sign up with link verify and get £10 free spending money, make sure to read the guide to ensure how to complete step by step.

Sign up here

Read the full guide here

Reselling: £85.29

I documented my start to my lego selling journey earlier, and through selling some retired lego sets and lego blind bags for profit in October I made £85.29. A very nice return

KDP: £16.07

Another one of my growing little side hustles is KDP, now you may not be familiar with this one. I am producing 'no content books' this month was predominantly about 2022 planners of a particular niche that I had some knowledge about and quite sparse. Made about 10 books in this niche that has begun to drip in some sales. Not a whole amount of money yet but I am hoping for even better returns leading up to Christmas. Where it is 2022 planners. I aim to diversify widely in the future.

But I think the beauty of this is it can be very passive. How much can be made only time will tell? Perhaps it will turn out not for me as I am proper rubbish creatively, but it hasn't stopped me yet.

On to the next month

Thanks for muddling your way through my earnings reports hope you found it interesting and if any queries about any of them you can contact me here or via email [email protected] or [email protected]

Always more than happy to help

Here is to November and more money earning


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