Splinterlands: Card Values Skyrocket From Here?

Splinterlands: Card Values Skyrocket From Here?

By AlmightyMelon | AlmightyMelon | 9 Mar 2020

Hello! Welcome back to my opinion pieces on the crypto world in general. 

I want to talk briefly about Splinterlands, a blockchain-based trading card game, and some of the circumstances surrounding it. In particular, although I'm no expert in any of these, I want to mention DEC (Dark Energy Crystals), STEEM (from the Steem blockchain), and TRX (from Tron).

First, let me go back in time. This image is from Scrye Magazine in 1994, listing the price of newly released Magic the Gathering cards:

Scrye 1994 Black Lotus Price

Today, that $30 Black Lotus is worth:

eBay Black Lotus Price Today

So with that in mind, I feel like the brand new trading card games that have come about in the last while based on blockchain might contain a card, token, or digital asset of some kind whose price might do the same thing as the Black Lotus.

Splinterlands faces a few problems right now, though. Many articles are circulating surrounding disagreements in the management of the STEEM blockchain. The Tron Network, which is also connected to the Splinterlands game, but not vital to its performance like STEEM, is involved. As a consequence, many resignations have occurred at Steem/Steemit, and the price of the STEEM token has dropped very low. The daily market turnover on the in-game Splinterlands market can maybe be seen to reflect this too.

On top of all these internal political disagreements, the global markets are also seeing volatility in oil prices, coronavirus fears, a drop in the DOW, and some large Bitcoin sales, and everything is looking very scary and unstable for Splinterlands in general.

The big question, then. Assuming that the game and the blockchain it is built on survive, is now exactly the right time to throw some fiat into STEEM crypto and Splinterlands cards while they are so low?

Splinterlands is a strong game, in my opinion, and its mechanics are better suited to the blockchain than most. All of the major transactions and battles are recorded in the blockchain, and so as long as Steem survives, so will your card collection and rank. In fact, the USD$1 million spent on Splinterlands cards may be the only thing keeping the price of STEEM tokens at all stable. Personally I threw a small amount of money at the game and I'm going to cross my fingers. In 24 hours when some funds have cleared I will also buy a small number of STEEM tokens. I'm no investing guru, but maybe you could look into doing the same.

Additionally, if you have any DEC, the in-game currency of Splinterlands, you can withdraw that into either TRX on the Tron Network or into STEEM tokens. Personally I would lean towards STEEM for the reason that the cards are kept on that blockchain. DEC is relatively stable as it is tied to the price of a pack of cards. STEEM seems like it might not go any lower and might appreciate.

Good luck. More opinion pieces to come.


Noobie crypto enthusiast from Auckland, New Zealand, who works as a teacher.


My background is creative writing. I have a passion for multimedia art. I have been interested in cryptocurrencies since they began.

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