Cryptocurrency and social networks

Cryptocurrency and social networks

By Zwayzoo | ALLairdrops | 22 May 2020


News about the plans of the largest social networks to launch their own cryptocurrency regularly appear on the network. Giants such as Facebook, WhatsApp and Telegram have already announced the creation of their own virtual currencies, and VK even launched a game in which you could earn a token.

Why do social networks need their own cryptocurrency? Because social networks that allow users to earn cryptocurrency are on the heels of leaders. The future is theirs.

Who makes money on social networks today?

Social networks earn billions on users. Facebook's net profit in 2018 increased to $ 22 billion. At the same time, only a small part of ordinary users earn on their profiles.

Media persons earn in social networks, the cost of one Instagram post of a top blogger is from 2900 to 6900 dollar. But the conditional Alena, because of which the conditional Petya was registered in insta, does not receive anything. But we all are sitting on social networks primarily to communicate with friends, and not to watch the next integrated advertisement for mineral water. Therefore, this state of affairs, at least, is not fair.

How do the rules of the game change?

Hide the fact that users are the main capital of social networks is no longer possible. That is why Facebook and KO are in search of solutions to encourage users. However, the FB user base is huge, and any financial incentive will be fictitious.

New social networks are ready to share their income with users, worthily encouraging them for their activity on the network. - social network and earnings

Paying cryptocurrency for actions on social networks is not a unique idea. Digital network encourages its users for activity. The network has a rating system on which the income of users depends. To start earning enough to get 10 subscribers.

How are payments made in social networks? offers users up to 50% of advertising revenue. The percentage of payments depends on the rating and activity of users. Payment is made in ME tokens, which is already presented on cryptocurrency exchanges.

The ME token can be freely withdrawn to the Ethereum wallet or transferred to fiat funds, and this makes it a live currency not only within, but also outside the social network.

How is different from other social networks for earning? is a live, ready-made ecosystem operating on the win-win principle. It is the principle of benefit for the entire chain of interaction “platform — business — consumer” that makes a social network a real ecosystem.

On the network, user activity is converted into material gain - paid for content, communication, etc. Business gets an audience loyal to advertising, because advertising is beneficial to users.

ME token on the exchange

The first exchange on which ME was listed was Coinall. Since the placement of the ME token on the exchange in February 2019, its price has increased by more than 1000%.

The price increase can be explained by the fact that ME is supported by a working product that has every chance of further success. In addition, ME showed excellent results at the presale stage. Successful pre-sale was not an accident - a high interest in the ME token on the exchange remains.





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