Splinterlands - My Favorite Legendary Cards in each element and a chance to try them all for FREE for an entire season!

Splinterlands - My Top Legendary Cards + Try them for FREE for an entire season!

By jazz05 | All things Splinterlands | 20 Nov 2021


Legendary Cards in Splinterlands are like your favorite snack - You just need a little taste of them to get hooked! For me, it all started with renting these exceptional monsters right before the end of every season for better rewards.
Fast forward to today, I'm always on a hunt for getting my hands on every legendary card I can. (if the price is right!)

Before I reveal my top 7 picks, let's quickly go through an overview of Legendary Cards and the six elements.


Elements are the sources of magic that a summoner uses to call upon various creatures/monsters that exist within the same element.
Splinterlands has 6 battle elements. (Neutral isn't an element but there are certain monsters categorized as neutral, which means they can be used alongside any of the six elements.)


Which element splinter do you use most often? Drop in the comments below!



Legendary cards are the rarest cards in Splinterlands, those with the lowest total supply per card. In Booster Packs, the normal chance of revealing a Legendary is 0.8%.
I've been keeping a constant eye on their prices and over the past couple of months, most of them have doubled in value!

Let's jump right into individual elements and my favorite legendary monster in each of them.

Element 1: FIRE

Fire is one of those powerful battle elements that you'd use most often as a beginner. It has a lot of fierce playable cards ready to take with you into the battle as soon as you get started.

Picking my dearest Fire Legendary Card was relatively easy. Why?

Well, Fire is one of those elements that have lots of melee and ranged attackers but only a few magic attackers. As soon as you add a solid magic attacker to your fire battle deck, there's no weak spot anymore!


Despite having the same attack style, I think some magic attackers are better than others. What separates them is their ability. If you find a magic attacker with a void ability - you got to have it, no questions asked!

The magic attack is by far the most dangerous attack type in Splinterlands. When you bring monsters with a magic attack to the battle, good for you. But when your enemy has them too, you need the best defense at your disposal.

That's where Caladuum steps in. A 3 health damage magic attacker with 10 health points, 3 armors, and the void ability. It is one of my favorite fire monsters, no surprise there.

Element 2: WATER

Water Element is arguably the strongest Splinterlands element. It is the only element that you'll hate the most, and at some point of time in your Splinterlands journey, use the most. I'll tell you why, but let's look at my favorite legendary water monster first.


In the early stages of the game (until Bronze I at least), you'll encounter a LOT of magic attacks, the Water element being the key part of all of them. If you don't have a solid counterattack for water-magic enemies, be prepared to lose a bunch of battles. That actually made me hate the Water element for quite some time until I finally figured out a perfect counterattack.

Djinn Oshannus is the most crucial component of that counter-strategy, and thus my favorite Water Legendary Card.

Element 3: EARTH

This element was one of my least used in battles when I just started out in Splinterlands. Soon after, I realized it is also one of the most balanced elements with a fairly even split of melee, ranged, and magic attackers. 


'Kron, The Undying' - Well, the name says it all!
Of all the monsters I've played with, Kron is one of the mightiest. With the most fatal attack type (magic attack), it heals itself in every round, thanks to the healing ability! In high mana cost battles, this card is a must-have.

Element 4: LIFE

I'd be very honest. Early in the game, I used this element only in high-cost mana battles as it has some decent 7+ mana cost monsters. But overall, I'm not a fan of Life as an element. That being said, it has some very fine ranged attack monsters. I do have to use this element sometimes as part of the daily quests, so it's good to have some strong Life legendary cards.


One of them being this gigantic flying cat. With a mana cost of 12, Kralus sure takes quite a lot of battlespace, but comes with its own set of strengths! It uses a melee and magic attack in every round. The immunity ability helps to counter all the negative effects from enemy attackers.

Element 5: DEATH

Right behind the Fire element, Death is one of the most used elements in the early stages of the game. But this element just like Fire lacks some solid magic attackers. Cthulhu, my top Death Legendary pick fills the void.


Cthulhu is a vigorous magic attacker with 3 health damage. The cripple ability helps deduct 1 enemy monsters' health. With 11 mana cost, it can take up some space, but with 12 health points, it can stay in the battle for quite some time.

Element 6: DRAGON

Dragon element to me always stood out for some reason. Maybe because apart from having its own set of monsters, it may call upon one other splinter to aid in the battle! (Or maybe because it has some of the weirdest and scariest-looking monsters?


A scary-looking monster, but I have to say - I love that name! The Vigilator is one of the very few monsters to have two attack types, improving its versatility. It can literally attack from any position. Even more impressive, the double strike ability allows it to attack twice in each round!


These are no ordinary monsters. Neutral monsters can join forces with any Element! In other words, you can use a neutral monster in any and all of your battles (rules being an exception).


This one-eyed monster is by far one of the best cards in splinterlands. The ranged attack combined with the healing ability makes it literally an indestructible defense for your team. Place it on the last position of your battle deck, and enjoy watching your enemy's sneak monsters standing helpless!

So, these were my top Legendary cards in each element. What are some of your favorite legendary cards? Let me know in the comments!


You saw it on the cover - Yes! I'm delegating all 7 of my favorite legendaries for the next season! Here's all you need to do:

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  • Let me know in the comments - which of these legendaries would you like to try!


Note: The 7 winning entries will be announced on Sunday, November 28th.

Enjoyed this format? Drop a 'Yes' in the comments and I'll do the same for the other three rarity types!

Stay tuned for more Splinterlands content and future giveaways.

Until the next one brawlers, KEEP BRAWLING!!!

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