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All AirDrops CoinBase (January 2021) Up to date (NuCypher)

By GeeBee14 | Coin addict | 7 Oct 2020

I wanted to group all the Coinbase quizzes answers in one place (Update January 21 : NuCypher)

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New : NuCypher (NU) [3$]


Q1 : End-to-end encryption

Q2 : Independent nodes to perform tasks

Q3 : Paying Ethereum transaction fees

Looking for an access to Quiz 


The Graph (GRT) [3$]

Q1: Blochain data
Q2 : GRT Tokens
Q3 : Curators

Band Protocol (Band) [Up to 43$]

Q1 : Real World Data
Q2 : Oracles
Q3 : Earn Crypto Rewards
Looking for an access to Quiz :

FileCoin (FIL) [6$]

Q1 : A web service for secure, centralized storage
Q2 : Proof of replication and proof of spacetime
Q3 : By its content

Algorand (ALGO) [6$]

Q1 : By being scalable, secure, and decentralized.
Q2 : A randomly selected ALGO token
Q3 : Algorand Standard Asset (ASA)

Maker (MKR) [$6]
Q1 : MKR and DAI
Q2 : MKR Holders
Q3 : A crypto wallet and crypto collateral

Kyber (KNC) [6$]
Q1 : Exchange one Ethereum token for another
Q2 : Ethereum
Q3 : Liquidity

Celo (CGLD) [$ 6]
Q1 : Making crypto available on mobile phones
Q2 : Staking, governance, and stability
Q3 : Using the Valora mobile app

ORCHID (OXT) [12$ to 52$]
Q1 : A peer-to-peer privacy tool
Q2 : The OXT token, a Web3 wallet, and the Orchid app
Q3 : Support for multihop configurations between bandwidth providers

Compound (COMP) [$ 9 to 50$]

You can unlock it with my link :
Q1 : Earning interest on your crypto
Q2 : Supply a crypto asset as collateral
Q3 : COMP token Holders

EOS [10$ to 50$]

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Q1 : A blockchain protocol for fast, scalable applications.
Q2 : Delegated proof of stake.
Q3 : Fast, free transfers.
Q4 : Stake EOS tokens.
Q5 : Upgradeable smart contracts.

Stellar Lumens (XLM) [10$ to 50$]

You can unlock it with my link :
Q1 : A decentralized protocol that unites the world financial infrastructure.
Q2 : Facilitating low cost, universal payments.
Q3 : Transactions are fast, inexpensive, and global.
Q4 : To issue, exchange, and transfer tokens quickly and efficiently
Q5 : It relies on the cooperation of trusted nodes to confirm transactions

TEZOS (XTZ) [6$]
Q1 : Formal Verification
Q2 : A decent computer and a roll of Tez
Q3 : The formal governance process

DAI [6$]
Q1 : A decentralized stablecoin that aims to be worth one US dollar
Q2 : Decentralized and borderless
Q3 : Open a CDP with Maker

Zcash (ZEC) [5$]
Q1 : A privacy protecting crypto
Q2 : It keeps your financial info safe so it can not be sold
Q3 : Through a cryptographic breakthrough known as zero-knowledge proof

New Nov 2020
Q4: 0.0001 ZEC OR Q4: ZEC
Q5: November 2020

Basic Attention Token (BAT) [8$]
Q1 : There are too many ads and data trackers
Q2 : It is free, open source web browser built for privacy
Q3 : Users get paid BAT for viewing opt-in ads, and publishers get rewarded when users pay attention to their content

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