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So is crpyto casino that shares their profit(dividends) with Star token holders, 2% profit is shared daily in btc,eth,bnb,trx and recently usdt depending on the amount of token you hold. Star tokens are mined by any bet played and price of 1 star is around 0.27$

After a month spent there I managed to mine ~28k star with deposit of 1k TRX and mine total wager of TRX is 122k, so I don't remember last time when i placed 50$ in a online casino and had anything to play after 1-2hours, while here with 65$ I played for a very very long time.


this is my wagerand daily dividends


And also you get bitcoin by ranking up and increase your cashback %, from 4% at rank 2 to 30% at rank 10


I'm collecting them cuz I strongly believe that they will try to put it on exchanges like Betfury did, well if you were late like me for Betfury this might be your chance to catch up 

If you are interested Id be very grateful if you use my Ref link

And in sing of gratitude I'm sending 5TRX to all who sing up whit it

Note for TRX distribution, I will usually send them from Friday to Sunday, I don't want to waste TRX on inactive people so some wager is needed to get the TRX  

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All legit ways i use to get some free crypto
All legit ways i use to get some free crypto

Hello and welcome to my blog about online income, i know there is plenty of them but if youdont shoot ill never hit anything, right? Here im gonna post about all online apps and sites that i found in recent months and managed to make some money out of it Note- this is my first blog ever so pls have fun as much as you like but if you have some pointers and tips how to improve myself im all ears cheers

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