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What were the ancient carrots, potatoes and corn?

By Lazy Bear | All in world | 24 Jan 2023

Reading historical books very often you see that especially in the Middle Ages, people died either from the plague or from hunger. I don't know about you, but I couldn't understand, was it really so difficult to increase the acreage? To solve once and for all the problem of hunger in the country. And then I found a photo of ancient vegetables. right now we are enjoying selective vegetables and fruits. they are huge and delicious. The harvest is high, and a decent amount of food can be collected from one tree and a bed.
It wasn't like that before. Why? let me show you with concrete examples.


MEET the wild carrot. It is not as appetizing and big as in the nearest supermarket. Really?


And the potatoes we know? everything is simpler here, because even the ancient Incas selected it. but compare these tubers with giant standard bushes, from which you can collect up to 20 potatoes.


And now let's compare the average ear of corn and its progenitor. Impressive?

We live in a world that has achieved tremendous success in breeding and modification. But we have not solved the problem of world hunger. What can we say about the Middle Ages, if any vegetable was several times smaller than the modern one.

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