What the f_-_ is going on around!

By Enricbaro | All about the world | 16 Apr 2021

Hi folks!

This post is about my perspective about actual situation. 

I am living in UK and I am from another country. People is getting their vaccines and looks we are going to "have our life's back", doesn't seem we could go on holidays soon (summer). A least we are getting to our routines someone's before other but the main thing is we will get rid of this virus and "starting getting fun" with our loved ones. 

During his pandemic I stopped watching any kind of news/information from any country (no radio, TV or website) because all the time was deaths, lockdown or related to virus. I was getting angry, anxious,.... Basically negativity and I stopped. A 2 days ago I was curious about knowing what was going around and we are going back to "the normal news". This is, as my partner told me, the same sh_-t as it was before. After watching it we decide to have a long break or forever about getting information from any channel. 










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All about the world
All about the world

In this blog I talk about everything from my little travels to human interaction going through films and series I have been watching.

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